May the force of Beshine and the biggest boobs be with you !

hi everyone ! it’s december and it’s star wars time. i’ve been a fan of the movies for a decade now and i’m super excited for the new star wars movie called the last jedi. i got a lot of requests from you asking me if i could do star wars themed content. of course, your wish is my command. check out my brand new video named May the force of Beshine and the biggest boobs be with you ! 😊



Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away on a dark cheerless planet dominated by the dark side of the force. A planet with no sunshine and with flat chested women, which does not want to have bigger breast sizes than normal.

At this time the only tremendous globe is the ominous shadow of the death star visualizing the always omnipresent danger and suppression by the dark empire. Now the arrival of an apostate lord brings back some kind of hope. Carrying the republics largest and most enhanced planets the fight against the dark side has just begun. 


The Lord is winning the inner fight against the dark force and not going back to be flat chested. He transformed into the lovely blonde astronomical orbed princess Beshine. Her double death star silhouette remained but turned into two triple infinity sized boob orbs as an inspiration for every female creature. 

The astronomical size of her boobage has sparked waves of positive energy & feelings and an army of tit troopers, which is now leading the galactic republic into a bright future full of sun and happiness and inspires women to go bigger and bigger and bigger… 


This is  reminding you all never turning back to the dark force and stay supporting the breast force. May the force of Beshine and the biggest boobs of the past, the present and the future be with you !



In The Changing Room With Beshine Part III

new giant tits snapshots in the members area of ! the photoset is called In The Changing Room With Beshine Part III see the woman with the worlds largest augmented breasts Beshine doing her daily activities and how she handles the massiv size of her extremly oversized boobs. this is a sneak preview for my blog subscribers and followers. let me know if you like it and leave a comment on my big tits blog. love to read from you 😉

Beshine is the woman with the worlds largest augmented breasts

this week i was visiting my hairdresser. normally when i had my hair done i’m feeling happy. but this time i was a little bit sad. i wanted new extensions but my hairdresser told me its better to pause a while. so he removed my extensions and now i have shorter hair. its ok but its a little bit unusual for me. but when i have my next date with my hairdresser i’m getting new extensions, thats for sure. my hair need to recover just a bit 🙂

next week on the 19th march is my birthday. so at the moment i’m planning my birthday party which i will celebrate on majorca. i like big parties so there are a lot of things to prepare. i want terminator lookalikes for service and security and a elvis presley entertainer for music on my party. i’m curious LOL

i hope you will have a great and safe weekend. talk soon. XOXO Beshine

Beshine with giant fake boobs doing a boob workout

Beshine and her large breasts workout is the brand new big boobs candid photo gallery from the snapshot category of you see me doing some excercises in the gym to stay in shape even if it’s an 24/7 training having these giant boobies everyday.

do you want some giant tits in motion ? in the video section of my website there is also a movie called In the gym with the worlds biggest boobs !!! lots of tit bouncing and jiggling when these heavy twins start moving 😉

i have two preview pictures from the photoset for you.. please let me know if you like them and feel free to leave a comment on my blog or press one of the social network buttons

blonde babe beshine with giant fake boobs doing a boob workout

huge breasted blonde beshine does an iphone self portrait and shows her enormous rack topless

this week i’ve got a package of which i am very pleased. it is almost four months ago that i’ve ordered a new smartphone case and after lots of emails and a long time of waiting i got my new case this week which i really didn’t expect. yippi.. pretty cool, huh ?

huge titted babe showing her bling bling smartphone case

i hope you will have a great weekend !! take care ♥ Beshine