Largest boobs in the world and selfies

hi guys ! hope everyone is having a great summer. this year is the first year i have not ordered custom made bikini tops for pool and beaches. this year i’m just sitting topless around the pool. makes things a lot easier 😄

many of you asked for more private photos and videos of me. so i decided to open an onlyfans account. there you will find selfies, videos etc of the largest boobs in the world in private situations. this is the link if you want to check out.

this is an example photo, so you can see what i post there amongst other things


i also have uploaded a selfie video to my youtube channel to give you a little insight. hope you like it 😎

talk soon, and biggest breasts hugs to you all ! lots of love, Beshine

Beshine biggest boobs measurement information Triple Infinity ∞∞∞

i’m getting lot’s of messages where i got asked what the size information change i did some time ago on my about me site mean.

let me explain, there was a time when i used the xxx and zzz measurement info but since my boobs are expanding and growing for a decade now and i have no reason to stop that because i have absolute no limit in mind and also no physical limitations, it was time for a new statement.

so in this case we are talking about endless boob growth and non stop breast augmentation. and this is why i changed the cup size specification to triple infinity ∞∞∞ 

i nearly would have forgotten about it, but the 237 ∞∞∞ (triple infinity) numbers are out of date again because the information change on the about me site is some weeks ago and fans and followers know these numbers continually grow ! 😄 

have a great day sweeties 💋💋💋

New Beshine Youtube Channel

hi everyone ! just wanted to let you know that i created a new youtube channel were i will post some cool stuff from time to time.

this is the link. just click here ! don’t forget to click the subscribe button on my channel and you will never miss the upcoming videos.

the old one with thousands of followers was deleted. same like my facebook account which was super popular. it seems the bigger my boobs grow the more hate i get 🙂

the first video is a fitness movie. as you know my massive breasts are super heavy so i have to go to the gym to stay in shape and do back exercises.

this video is from the first lip augmentation i had with my new filler. it’s called aquamid and i’m very happy with it. also the results last so much longer. i have more videos from other lip injection sessions which i will post on my youtube channel soon.

if you have any video ideas for my youtube channel let me know and leave a comment here on my blog. have a great weekend sweeties ! giant tit hugs, Beshine 😉

Website Update

hello everyone !

i want to let you know, that in the next days there will be some changes on my website. i wanted to do this sooner but i’m very busy so it took some time to get the new website done and finished. wow, it’s already the 4th website update during the last 4 years 😉 comes in a new fresh and modern design, an improved usability and lots of other improvements. of course the whole website is coded in html5 and is ready for your smartphone and tablet computer. photos and snapshots you will find now under the same category. just for clarification, it’s the same number of sets as previously. the content is the same like on the old design. you will not miss anything !

so everything is high definition on my website and is created with the best gear money can buy just to satisfy all the members of and bring you the best quality which has never seen before on a single model website in the giant boob niche ! 🙂

during the next days it is possible that the website is not available for a short time. so please be patient, my team is doing the best to make the changes as fast and as user friendly as possible. if you are having problems after the update with your login or anything else, please contact my support team here.

i always love to read your blog comments and feedback. so, let me know if you like my new site and leave some words on my blog..

ok sweeties, lot’s of gigantic boobie hugs and have a great week, XOXO Beshine 😉

UPDATE: everything is set now. if you have problems with your login or anything else please send an email for support. Thank you.

New gear for new updates

hey everyone !! just wanted to let you know, that i was shopping for some new gear for the upcoming shoots. i like the canon equipment because i had good experiences with the Canon 5D Mark 2 etc. so it was time for an update 😉

i had a visit at the local photo dealer and told the stuff, i want the best quality for the members of ! after some technical chitchat i got a a new dslr cam and 2 lenses and a bit of accessories in the shopping bag. shopping for shoes, bags and fashion is so much more interesting LOL

i was a little bit surprised because i got a lot of discount.. mmhhh, maybe the dealer was hypnotized by my boobs ??? whatever.. good for the wallet LOL this is the new EOS 5D Mark III with the new EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and the classic EOS 5D Mark II with the new EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM.. this in combination with the Profoto Pro-B3 battery generator with some light shaping tools is an amazing team for creating high quality content which is rarely seen on single model websites in the giant boobs category ! 😉

only the best gear from canon for the website of beshine

i’ve already been busy and have taken advantage of the beautiful weather and did some shoots of massiv tits content with the new gear. can’t wait to be back in spain for holidays! but have a look and let me know what you think.. always love to read from my fans 🙂

photo of beshine and her massiv breasts and fake booty

giant tits and fake booty rulez !!!!!!! have a great day sweeties, XO Beshine 😉