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hi everyone i hope you are all doing great and that you are enjoying the summer season like i do !

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Giant breasted babe Beshine and her titanic tits at Ibiza

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i just arrived at ibiza.. wow. what a great location. fantastic weather and nice people here. chilling atmosphere and lots of party. so many great clubs with great artists. i already visited some nice locations and beach clubs… i think i will have a great time here with lots of great music, beaches and even bigger parties !

i saw some billboards here that paul van dyk and other amazing dj’s will be here the next days.. i’m so excited. but i will check the internet for more info. i put some extra bra’s in my bag because when i’m dancing in the clubs and some of these bra’s will crash or these poor bra strapes will rip i will have a replacement bra with me 🙂

ok sweeties, i hope you like my new candid boob photos. let me know and leave a comment on my blog. love to read from you.. XO and lots of boobie hugs, BESHINE 😉

Beshine and her massive tits in white

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Beshine has undergone multiple extreme breast augmentation

Busty hottie Beshine has massive enhanced tits

this week was really great, because a little dream came true. i wanted to visited Cirque du Soleil for such a long time.. and now i did. it was really really amazing. what a fantastic show. the artists, the stage, the lights and the music.. WOW and this time i had no problems with the seats which made it even better!! i have a lot side boob, so two tickets for me, one seat per tit! and it worked great 😉

i also visited a lingerie store this week. that was really funny. the employees were visibly shocked when i walked into the store. i was looking for some new panties etc. because now after my booty augmentation i need some bigger sizes.. but when i was standing there just in my white custom made bra with my gigantic melons and some tiny hot pants, the eyes of the employees almost jumped out of their heads. but they were very nice and friendly. they told me that they have never seen such gigantic breasts and so much surgical work on a body before lol they also asked if they can lift my boobs just to feel how heavy they are. because the ladies were so friendly, i let them try.. but they failed, clearly!!

we had a lot of fun and after 4 hours of trying on lingerie and intensive boob talk i was really happy when i left the store and also found some new sexy pants LOL

this week i also opened my youtube channel BeshineTV. so, from time to time i will post there some videos of me, boobie & doobie, my big fake lips, or my silicone booty or whatever.. stay tuned and feel to subscribe !!!

and one more thing.. this month international shipping in the Beshine Online Store is free for signed photos and posters. yes worldwide and all prints are personally signed by myself 😉

ok, thats it for now. hope everyone will have a great weekend. talk soon and many massive breasts hugs from Beshine