Beshine Biggest Fan Bayern Munich Fan Special

Beshine Biggest Fan Bayern Munich Fan Special is the brand new giant tits photo set in the candid image category of ! check out this preview photo :


hope everyone will have a great time watching the uefa champions league finals ! XO Beshine

Beshine is wishing you a Merry Christmas

i just updated the huge boobs snapshot category on my website. today was snow, so i was out with my dog (she loves snow) and my amg suv and had a lot of fun ! these are candid picture of me in my private time. many of you asking for that, so no make up etc 😉

these are two preview pictures from the new CANDID LARGE BREASTS PICTURE GALLERY for you !!!

woman with humongous boobs in a super tight and stretched top

busty blonde beshine and her massiv silicone boobs having boobie fun in the snow

WOW.. christmas time is running so fast. at the beginning of december i came back home to germany from my booty augmentation. after that i was in recovery mode. everything was a little bit slower and much more exhausting this time because i had a lot of pain. and having these massiv breasts didn’t make it easier..

but every day it was getting better and better. yet, i hobble a little but the pain has gone. my doctor told me, maximum 4 weeks from now and i’m totally recovered. sounds great, YES !!! butt enhancement with silicone implants under the muscle is really extreme compared to other surgeries.. but, i wanted a fake booty so i had to take the deal 🙂

today on sunday the 4th advent i was decorating the christmas tree. that’s not so easy when you have attached two extremely gigantic and oversized xmas globes to your upper body LOL

but i’m ready now for tomorrow’s christmas eve. christmas is a celebration of love and i’m celebrating it with my hubby, my dog and my family. i’m really thankful for that!!

i wish you and your beloved ones a great christmas eve & time too. relax! no stress. and many many thanks to everyone who send gifts and christmas cards, mails and wishes to me. i really appreciate, thank you so much ! and of course everyone who bought some of my personally signed photos and posters from my shop !!

kisses and boobie hugs, Beshine.. Merry Christmas  ❤

Beshine candid huge boobs photos and sharks in the aquarium

happy tuesday everyone !!! hope you all had an amazing week. today i released a new photoset in the candid huge boobs picture category of my website. you see me visiting the palma aquarium. i was there for the first time and i really enjoyed my visit.

most of you maybe don’t know, but i’m really into these peaceful creatures. before i got my diploma in management, i studied a few semesters marine environmental sciences. i love dolphins, whales, sharks and many other underwater animals. it makes me so sad to realize that many of these creatures are in danger of extinction, because their habitat is getting destroyed and/or they are hunted and killed by humans. but that’s a different chapter…

i talked to my booty doc who will do my butt augmentation because i had to change the date, so the surgery will be some weeks later. this was necessary because when you are having your booty done, the recovery is much longer than for a breast augmentation. especially when getting very large implants 🙂 so with the new date i have more time for the recovery. stay tuned !!!!

this week i was shopping because i needed a new jacket for the autumn and winter season. of course the combination for women designed jackets and closing the zipper will not work for me (you know why) and wearing mens winter jacket is unsexy 😉 so i decided to buy a jacket which i have to wear open and not closed but one, thats looks feminin. so press your thumbs that these winter will not a super cold one.. but for safety’s sake i also bought a mens jacket in outsize. i hope i will not have the same problems after i got my booty done LOL

 busty blonde beshine has a enormous rack


i almost forgot.. this is a preview for you from the new candid photo gallery.. if you like it, please click the facebook like button, the twitter button, or some of the other social network and support my huge tits blog !!! thx XO Beshine

Candid big boobs photos of Beshine and her huge tits

good morning everyone !!! just released an update on my website.. this is a sneak peak from the new candid big boobs photos. you can see me in everyday clothes having some fun at a beach. many more pictures in the members area

busty beshine and her giant fake boobs at the beach

wishing you all a relaxing sunday and a great start to the new week. huge tits hugs, Beshine 😉

Beshine and her titanic boobs getting a facial

hey everyone, how are you ? just wanted to let you know, that i have posted a new titanic boobs snapshot gallery for the members of my website! these are very candid photos of me in a private situations. i was at the beautician and had a facial.. wow, that was so relaxing 🙂 i really should do this more often. this is a one preview photo for you:

beshine and her titanic boobs getting a facial

happy thursday sweeties!!! have a great day.. yours Beshine, xo