Spring, breaking bad and bigger lips

hi everybody ! wow.. it’s almost spring and i really love this season. it’s getting warmer outside, the first sunbeams appear and the birds start singing in the morning when i wake up. can’t wait that everything gets green and colored outside. nature is so beautiful ;)

also, attention all lovers of gigantic tits ! this is a screenshot from the latest high definition huge boobs movie Beshine and her massiv juggs in pink. i’m wearing a pink super tight top which is stretched to the maximum by my giant melons and i’m having a lot fun with boobie and doobie !


the last weeks i started watching “breaking bad”. i heard so much of this tv series.. so i started watching and i’m already at season 3 and yes, breaking bad is cool and so much fun to watch. walt rocks !! :)


i also visited my lip doc in this month for some more injections. and because many of you asked me at my cam shows how many cc’s were added. i got 2 cc’s in the upper lip and 2 cc’s in the under lip. the new filler i’m using is aquamid and i’m really happy with it, no complications and the results are long lasting. will post some images of my new lips soon. in april i will go for more cc’s.. stay tuned !!!

hope everyone will have a great weekend ! talk soon, Beshine :)

Beshine and her enormous boobs enjoying a sunset

hello sweeties ! i have released a new candid photo set for the members of my website. i got many requests the last time where fans were asking for personal images without make up etc. just me spending some private time. ok, here we go ! in this giant tits photo set you see me enjoying a wonderful sunset and the wonderful landscape of the little spanish island ibiza. this is a preview photo for all my blog readers !!


i hope you like the view and i also hope the sunset has your attention, mmhh.. lol !!! you will find the whole image gallery and thousands of high quality photos in the members area of my website. don’t miss out all the gigantic tits fun :)

XO Beshine

Massive Breasted Blonde Beshine Shows Her Extreme Augmented Boobs

hi sweeties, how are you doing ? i told you last year that i preordered the playstation 4 and i got it prompt on the release date. i played some cod ghosts in my free time the last weeks and i really have to say it’s awesome. the next gen graphics, the sound, the atmosphere, amazing. even if i’m loosing a lot when i’m playing online ! but hey, i have only a little time to practice.. but this game rocks. as you know i like horror movies and i just found out that there’s a game coming for the ps4 which is called “the evil within”. i watched the trailer and i’m really curious and looking forward for that game.

for the lovers of big fake injected lips i also have some news.. i just talked to my lip doctor and told him that i want more injections. the new filler i’m using is great and i’m totally happy with it and it lasts much longer then the old one which was my own fat and mostly hyaluronic acid which is already completely absorbed so i have a date in march for bigger and faker lips, yippi !! of course i’m always having plans with my boobs too.. my implants are still underfilled and even if i’m having small fill ups from time to time which guarantees me a slow and safe growth the boobie greed in me is driving me crazy and i’m getting more and more the feeling i want to do an other major expansion.. i think i have to call my boob doc again lol

don’t miss the new giant tits photo gallery which is called Massiv Breasted Blonde Beshine Shows Her Extreme Augmented Boobs i have released today in the members section on my website ! i’m wearing a tight white top and my massive breasts are stretching this tiny poor top to the max.. this is a sneak preview for you, please let me know if you like it and leave a comment an my blog ! thank you and have a great day. giant tit hugs, Beshine :)


Gigantic Tits Doing Everyday Activities

hello everyone ! wow it’s already february and i can’t wait until it’s getting warmer and it’s summer time. i don’t like this cold season so much. of course it’s great to have some snow in december and during the christmas days, but summer is much better. tight tops, short pants, flip flops, beach, bikinis and so on :)

this month i will start to begin to work on some of my new years resolutions. and one of them is to spent more time with my exercises and in the gym again. even if it’s some time ago that i had my booty done with the silicone implants, but the recovery was really long so 2013 i didn’t worked out as much as i would liked to do. however, 2013 is over and now i’m ready to get back to the physical fitness i had before..

i uploaded a new video for the members of my website. it’s a personal video where you can see me spending some private time at a beach with my dog. i love enjoying nature and landscapes and i always have a lot of fun just going out, relaxing jumping around, feeling the heaviness of boobie & doobie and how they jiggle and move when i’m walking around. but have a look at the video, then you know what i mean. here are two screenshots from the video for the blog readers ! xoxo and lot’s of boob hugs, Beshine :)



Happy new year 2014 !

it’s 2014 ! happy new year to all my website members, subscribers, fans and followers ! hope this year will be an amazing and even bigger year like the last one. lot’s of dreams, wishes and plans in the making. i hope you all had an amazing christmas time and spent some quality time with your families and beloved ones and also had a great new years eve with lots of fun :)

i have just uploaded some hot massiv tits images. watch me walking around in a tight stretched out white t-shirt and showing off my giant knockers. the gigantic tits photo set is called Mega huge titted blonde Beshine in the garden and is now available in the members area of Beshine.com ! ;)

i have a sneak preview for you. let me know if you like and leave a comment on my blog ! i always love to read from you and check every single message..


lot’s of love and lot’s of giant boobie hugs, Beshine