New gigantic tits photos in high definition and football world cup

hi everyone ! its world cup time and i really hope germany will enter the finals. winning the world would be amazing, of course. everything is possible. so, fingers crossed and boobs stick out !! but some of the other teams are really good, too. we will see :) next match is tomorrow on monday..

i also uploaded some new gigantic tits photos to my website. check out this sneak preview and let me know if you like them :)

the pictures on my blog are reduced in size but the images in the members area are up to 5760 x 3840 pixel in high definition quality !



hope you all have a boobilicious sunday and a great start to the new week. lots of massiv boobs hugs and talk soon, Beshine


Website Update

hello everyone !

i want to let you know, that in the next days there will be some changes on my website. i wanted to do this sooner but i’m very busy so it took some time to get the new website done and finished. wow, it’s already the 4th website update during the last 4 years ;) comes in a new fresh and modern design, an improved usability and lots of other improvements. of course the whole website is coded in html5 and is ready for your smartphone and tablet computer. photos and snapshots you will find now under the same category. just for clarification, it’s the same number of sets as previously. the content is the same like on the old design. you will not miss anything !

so everything is high definition on my website and is created with the best gear money can buy just to satisfy all the members of and bring you the best quality which has never seen before on a single model website in the giant boob niche ! :)

during the next days it is possible that the website is not available for a short time. so please be patient, my team is doing the best to make the changes as fast and as user friendly as possible. if you are having problems after the update with your login or anything else, please contact my support team here.

i always love to read your blog comments and feedback. so, let me know if you like my new site and leave some words on my blog..

ok sweeties, lot’s of gigantic boobie hugs and have a great week, XOXO Beshine ;)

UPDATE: everything is set now. if you have problems with your login or anything else please send an email for support. Thank you.

Beshine Aquamid lip injections

hi everyone ! after my last visit in april, wednesday i was in madrid again for a date with my doctor for some more lip injections. he added 2cc of aquamid into the upper lip and 2cc into the lower lip. the same amount like the last time. love this filler. i have absolute no complications with it and it lasts so much longer then all the other fillers i have tried before.


i also like madrid a lot. such a beautiful city, even this time i had to fly back home directly after my appointment. so this time i unfortunately had no time for sight seeing but next time i hope i’m not too busy so i can stay longer. i also took some pictures during the flight because i like big mountains LOOOL .. beautiful, right ?


of course i took a lot before and after photos of the procedure and in this blog update i’m posting two of them. i hope you like them. everything is a bit swollen at the moment but i like the look of my new lips ;)


i also did a video during the session which i will maybe release on my youtube channel. let me know if you are interested in such a video ! you decide ;)

ok sweeties, that’s it for now. talk soon and lot’s of love,

beshine :)

Spring, breaking bad and bigger lips

hi everybody ! wow.. it’s almost spring and i really love this season. it’s getting warmer outside, the first sunbeams appear and the birds start singing in the morning when i wake up. can’t wait that everything gets green and colored outside. nature is so beautiful ;)

also, attention all lovers of gigantic tits ! this is a screenshot from the latest high definition huge boobs movie Beshine and her massiv juggs in pink. i’m wearing a pink super tight top which is stretched to the maximum by my giant melons and i’m having a lot fun with boobie and doobie !


the last weeks i started watching “breaking bad”. i heard so much of this tv series.. so i started watching and i’m already at season 3 and yes, breaking bad is cool and so much fun to watch. walt rocks !! :)


i also visited my lip doc in this month for some more injections. and because many of you asked me at my cam shows how many cc’s were added. i got 2 cc’s in the upper lip and 2 cc’s in the under lip. the new filler i’m using is aquamid and i’m really happy with it, no complications and the results are long lasting. will post some images of my new lips soon. in april i will go for more cc’s.. stay tuned !!!

hope everyone will have a great weekend ! talk soon, Beshine :)

Beshine and her enormous boobs enjoying a sunset

hello sweeties ! i have released a new candid photo set for the members of my website. i got many requests the last time where fans were asking for personal images without make up etc. just me spending some private time. ok, here we go ! in this giant tits photo set you see me enjoying a wonderful sunset and the wonderful landscape of the little spanish island ibiza. this is a preview photo for all my blog readers !!


i hope you like the view and i also hope the sunset has your attention, mmhh.. lol !!! you will find the whole image gallery and thousands of high quality photos in the members area of my website. don’t miss out all the gigantic tits fun :)

XO Beshine

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