Summer, sun and gigantic boobs in public

hi everyone ! hope you all are having a great summer and holidays. i have just uploaded a new candid photo set to the members area of my website. it’s called Gigantic Boobs In Public. you see me walking through the city and watch how people react when they run into a super busty girl next door. yes, it is so much fun having a mega augmented rack. just log in and see for yourself :)

this is a preview image from the gigantic tits photo set ! hope you like !!!


have a great weekend all. lots of giant boobie hugs, Beshine :)

New Beshine Youtube Channel

hi everyone ! just wanted to let you know that i created a new youtube channel were i will post some cool stuff from time to time.

this is the link. just click here ! don’t forget to click the subscribe button on my channel and you will never miss the upcoming videos.

the old one with thousands of followers was deleted. same like my facebook account which was super popular. it seems the bigger my boobs grow the more hate i get :)

the first video is a fitness movie. as you know my massive breasts are super heavy so i have to go to the gym to stay in shape and do back exercises.

this video is from the first lip augmentation i had with my new filler. it’s called aquamid and i’m very happy with it. also the results last so much longer. i have more videos from other lip injection sessions which i will post on my youtube channel soon.

if you have any video ideas for my youtube channel let me know and leave a comment here on my blog. have a great weekend sweeties ! giant tit hugs, Beshine 😉

Spring, tops, bikini straps and tv series

hi everyone, how are you doing ? it’s spring time which is beside summer my favorite season of the year. its not only great because the world comes alive again after winter. spring also means it’s time for tops. and of course the tops are tighter then ever and even more stretched then before. yes, i love this season. but of course i’m also excited when soon summer season starts because this means it’s time to burst some bikinis tops. ideally not on public beaches but i never know when these poor bikini straps or the fabric of the bikinis burst since i’m gigantic titted and my boobies are mega heavy. but i’m sure it will be a lot of fun again :)


i hope you all had great easter. i took a little time off and went with my family to sylt for relaxing and chilling. i was there some times before but always in summer so this time it was a little colder as usual but i had some XXXXXXXL mens shirts in my suitcases so walking at the windy beaches was no problem.


as many of you know i like to watch television series and i’m currently watching game of thrones. just finished season 1 and 2 and today season 3 and 4 were delivered. my all time favorite is still breaking bad but game of thrones comes very close. fantasy drama etc is normally not the genre i prefer but game of thrones really rocks !


there are also some great new video updates for members of my website. just check this link which will directs you to the high definition video category and you will find all the previews !


have a great weekend all. lot’s of massive boob hugs, Beshine 😉

Beshine and the worlds biggest fake boobs in 4K Ultra High Definition

hi everyone ! its time for a new update and this time its a very special one. because today its time for a world premiere. as you know, i love to spoil the members of my website with the best quality and stands for the best and highest quality in the biz when it comes to single model websites especially in the gigantic boobs niche. so here we go. Beshine and the worlds biggest fake boobs in 4K Ultra High Definition ! yes, not HD or Full HD, i’m talking about 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION !

Check the members area and enjoy this never seen before quality of the largest augmented breasts in the world. of course this new giant tits video also comes in other download format besides 4K. members can choose if they prefer 4K Ultra High Definition, 1080P Full High Definition & 720P High Definition ( of course with high bit rates ) or a mobile format for your smartphone and tablet like iphone, ipad or your android etc devices. and of course if you don’t want to download the video, just watch it online per stream in HD and of course hands free ! :)

as you have seen, i have also changed the design of my blog. it was mobile ready before but the new design makes it even more user friendly when you want to read my blog from one of your mobile devices.

this is a small preview from the new video. let me know if you like and leave a comment and share this post/blog to the world., because sharing is caring 😉


have a great week to you all and lots of massive and heavy boobie hugs,

yours Beshine :)

Christmas eve and the best fans in the world

wow, simply wow.. i want to thank all the members of my website, fans and supporters for all the great gifts, cards and emails. i am so amazed. the post office called several times in december because there was not enough space because of all the gifts and cards you sent. my email program also crashed many times because of all the christmas and new years wishes. this is simply amazing and i am so thankful for everything. you all know how to make a woman feel special. thank you, you are simply the best !!!

because i already had all xmast preparations finished i had some free time before christmas so i went for some new mani and pedi and of course a visit at the hairdresser. took a selfie with my iphone 6 plus for you and yes, this is my new pink iphone case. love it  :)



i celebrated christmas eve with my family and beloved ones. we had a great time and it was a long night. on the first and second christmas day i was relaxing on the couch and was watching movies like for example gremlins 1+2, the nightmare before christmas and national lampoon’s christmas vacation and in the evening i had a dinner with family again and the other day with friends at one of my favorite restaurants in my town which ended with lots of vegetables in my cleavage lol

i’m also bringing a preview photo from the latest december movie update. of course i always love to read from you here on my blog so let me know if you like my blog, photos/video and leave a comment for me. so this is a video screenshot from the latest mega huge melons video update called Beshine and her gargantuan sized gazongas


whishing you all a great day ! EXTRA BIG HUGS, Beshine