Christmas eve and the best fans in the world

wow, simply wow.. i want to thank all the members of my website, fans and supporters for all the great gifts, cards and emails. i am so amazed. the post office called several times in december because there was not enough space because of all the gifts and cards you sent. my email program also crashed many times because of all the christmas and new years wishes. this is simply amazing and i am so thankful for everything. you all know how to make a woman feel special. thank you, you are simply the best !!!

because i already had all xmast preparations finished i had some free time before christmas so i went for some new mani and pedi and of course a visit at the hairdresser. took a selfie with my iphone 6 plus for you and yes, this is my new pink iphone case. love it  :)



i celebrated christmas eve with my family and beloved ones. we had a great time and it was a long night. on the first and second christmas day i was relaxing on the couch and was watching movies like for example gremlins 1+2, the nightmare before christmas and national lampoon’s christmas vacation and in the evening i had a dinner with family again and the other day with friends at one of my favorite restaurants in my town which ended with lots of vegetables in my cleavage lol

i’m also bringing a preview photo from the latest december movie update. of course i always love to read from you here on my blog so let me know if you like my blog, photos/video and leave a comment for me. so this is a video screenshot from the latest mega huge melons video update called Beshine and her gargantuan sized gazongas


whishing you all a great day ! EXTRA BIG HUGS, Beshine

Xmas time and massive sized knockers

hi everyone ! xmas time can be so much fun. especially with massive sized knockers. i was shopping for some christmas presents for my beloved ones and in those shops i bumped into so many people with my boobies. so after every shopping tour when i came back home i needed a long and intensive boob massage. the problem are tight spaces and crowded stores. boobie & doobie are sticking out so much from my upper body in combination with the sheer sideboob and not to forget that they have an own kind of mind and when they start moving the rest of my body simply has to follow. but, i love having a monstrous rack and that my tits are literally my entire torso

so yes, i am ready for christmas eve. only a very few preparations are missing which i will do in the next days. this years dinner will be beef roulade, red cabbage, green beans and potatoes. a classic german meal all cooked by myself. hope this time cooking will not end in a kitchen disaster because i may knock over all things around me within a radius of above 2 meter !?

big boob problems but i love them every minute of the day. i also hope santa brings me a custom made jacket for the winter time which has a  zipper that can be closed.. if not it will be a cold winter for me which and i have to wear some of me mega large and cuddly pullovers :) i had no luck this year finding a jacket in the extra large men’s stores.

do not miss my latest picture set update on BESHINEDOTCOM ! this is a preview for all my blog, twitter and facebook followers ;)


have a great week you all. lot’s of love and gigantic juggs hugs, Beshine

Happy Halloween from Beshine

happy halloween everyone ! i was thinking about a cool costume for some time now because many of you sent me great ideas.. but since i love to watch horror movies and one of my all time favorites is the halloween movie series with michael myers i ordered the mask and the blue overall. the mask fits but not the overall on my upper body even it is men size and 6XL so i put on my black bra for this quick gigantic breasts photo. hope it scares you LOOOOL


are you celebrating halloween too and what have you planned for halloween ? i was playing the evil within on my ps4. wow this game is so scary and bloody.. i also watched some horror movies and tomorrow night i will go out to a halloween party. but since the blue overall doesn’t fit i think i will wear my giant boob costume with a pink custom made bra.. what do you think :)


talk soon and have a great time, yours Beshine ;)

Busty Blonde With Titanic Melons

hi everyone ! i have posted a new gigantic tits photo set for all the members of my website. it’s called Busty Blonde With Titanic Melons and comes in HIGH DEFINITION ! check out this preview images from the gallery and let me know if you like and leave a comment on my blog !! always love to read your blog comments and thank you so much for all the kind words you have written. i really appreciate ! so grateful :)


last weekend i had a dinner with some good old friends at a restaurant and i’m telling you this because something funny happened.. again lol. my boobs stick out so much that i often knock over things. when this for example happens in the bath or in my own kitchen or other familiar places i’m used to it because it happens from time to time especially after a growth spurt… but it’s always a different situation when it happens in public. seems the sheer size of my boobs is sometimes out of control and they have their own kind of mind.

since my boobs getting bigger and bigger, the weight of course increases too, (i’m very excited how they feel and move after the next fills) so my boobs move a little bit slower now but when they start to move nothing can stop them (this is so amazing, love the feel of my implants) and they will knock over mostly everything around me LOL so this time they knocked over two bottles of precious wine because for a moment i was not focused ;)


i told you that i love video games and that i was playing the last of us on my playstation 4. yes, i already finished that game.. i had two moments when i was playing it where i was really scrared. however, what a cool video game. if you like the walking dead tv series, you will love tlou !

hope you all will have a great week. i will have a hot bath now and after that i need a intensive boob massage.. any big hands out there ? XOXO Beshine :)

Beshine and the mega boobs jiggle

hey everyone ! don’t forget to check the latest high definition giant tits video on my website. it’s called Beshine and the mega boobs jiggle because you see me having fun with my massiv rack lying in the bed. lots of movement and jiggle.. :)


these are two screenshots from the big juggs video which comes in different download formats. of course everything in HD and i am also offering download formats for mobile and tablet users so you can feel the jiggle and the massive weight of my gigantic rack at every location


don’t forget to check out my facebook account. the bigger my breasts get the bigger the hate. just read the comments. you will realize that especially the negativ posts are coming from women. but hey.. it’s entertaining me because jealousy is the biggest recognition HEHE !!! life is simply too short to be flat chested :)

wishing you all a boobilicious week ! humongous boobs hugs, Beshine