Beshine and her mega large boobs in a sweatshirt

Super busty Beshine and her mega large boobs in a green sweatshirt is the new candid huge tits photo gallery i have posted for the members of my website and this is a preview photo from the set for you !

Super busty Beshine and her mega large boobs in a cuddly sweatshirt

gym time was very exciting this week. because of the butt enlargement surgery i have to do things a little bit slower then normal at the moment and i can only do a very few excercises. but i wanted to try the treadmill and tried to run a little bit. ok bad idea when having attached two extra heavy beachballs on the upper body. the weight was too much when my boobs started to move. so, because that massiv pressure i crashed the two bra’s i was wearing. f*#k !!! next time only walking on the treadmill ! my collection of broken bras grows continuous because this was not the first time 😉

many of you asked, when will i show my new booty. as you know, the augmentation went well. but, i had some complications after the surgery with the heal of the scar. i want to be fully recovered before i release new photos and videos of my augmented silicone butt.

last week was also really busy because there were a lot things for me to do, mostly business work. but on weekend i took a day off to visit my favorite italian restaurant with some good friends where i had a very tasty tuna salad. afterwards i was watching the finals of the german version of the reality television show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. LOL that was so much fun 🙂

hope you all have a great week. talk soon XOXO Beshine

Xmas time and Beshine with gigantic breasts on the balcony

Beshine and her gigantic breasts on the balcony is the brand new huge tits diary photo gallery on my website. the whole set can be found in the members area ! these are two preview pictures for you

heavy titted girl beshine and her gigantic breasts has an extreme bust to waist ratio

giant breasted babe beshine has some round veiny breast

i’m so happy that im back home in germany after my butt augmentation with silicone implants. the flight was great too because i was able to sit three ours on my new booty. the last night was the first night i was allowed to sleep the first time on my back. and it really worked out great. no pain !!! i think not long and i can start my new fake booty project. be surprised 😉

yesterday i was looking for a christmas tree. it really took some time to find the right tree and because it was so crowded i bumped into so many people with my huge breasts. but it was a lot of fun. even when there were a lot of people who took pictures of me without permission. i don’t like that. but since this is the problem each time, i always have my camera with me, so i do photos of the people who making photos of me and when they put these photos on social networks etc, from now on.. i will do too !

it was snowing here last night.. so today i decided to create some christmas cards. it’s not easy when you can’t see whats under your breasts LOL but.. anyone can buy, but i love to surprise my beloved ones with some handmade things.. so i can give it a personal touch.

i hope in the next days there will be a lot more snow here because i want to create a super busty snowwoman with a big fake booty and some lip injections LOOOOL

thats it for now. hope you all have a happy 2. advent with your families and a great start to the new week!! lots of love, Beshine

Beshine, a fake silicone booty and alot of pain

today is the third day after my butt augmentation with silicone implants. the first two days i had a lot of pain and especially the first night was really extreme for me. one thing i can tell you.. i had alot of surgeries and you always have to deal with pain, i know that. but a booty augmentation with implants is a complete different level. it tops it all on the pain level, with distance 😉

now i’m back to my hotel room and i’m feeling much better today. just had a latte macchiato and a super tasty cupcake. mmhh.. yummy!! trying to recover and listening to the new paul kalkbrenner (one of my favorite DJ’s) album called “Guten Tag”

i’m a bit nervous because my flight back to germany is next week and i now that it will be very hard. i always have problems when flying because my boobs are too big for the plane seats. thats the reason why i normally have two or three pillows with me so i sit higher and my breasts can lie on the armrests. but for 10-12 days after the butt augmentation i can not sit on the butt so i think i need to stay on my knees during the flight. that will be long three hours F**K !! but i can’t wait to fly back home next week and i really looking forward.

i got many emails the last days from you with very lovely and kindest wishes. WOW thank you so much for that, i really appreciate !!! hope you all have a great and safe weekend !! talk soon.. many big boob hugs and fake booty shaking 🙂 XO Beshine

PS: uppps.. i almost forgot. wanted to post photos of my new silicone ass for you. let me know what you think and leave a comment on my blog. i have to wear these tights and corsets for the next weeks. sexy LOL

after her booty augmentation giant breasted babe Beshine has silicone implants in her butt

big titted hottie Beshine had a butt augmentation with silicone butt implants and has a fake booty now