Beshine got her lip enhancement today

hey sweeties !! amazing.. after my last blog post here on tuesday where i’ve posted that i’m getting my lips done again today on thursday, i’ve got nearly 300 emails where i got asked if i could post some photos directly after i got my lips injected.. so here we go! i took the shots and of course without make up for you 😉

the procedure went fine and i’m feeling good. no headache like i had it before. the pics are from this afternoon. only that this time when the filler was injected into my lips, it was really burning. damn!!!! but, no pain no gain LOL. now in the evening my lips are more swollen which makes daily things like drinking and eating a little bit difficult, but that’s normal for the first two days and the swelling will go down after that.

big lips kisses and giant tits hugs, Beshine 🙂 PS can’t wait until i’m getting more fill ups for my boobies

Heavy large breasted women Beshine had an extreme lip augmentation to get large fake silicone lips

big boobs blonde with big fake lips

28 Replies to “Beshine got her lip enhancement today”

  1. There’s really no limit to your awesomeness is there?! 🙂 Looking sexier and sexier and sexier!!!
    Go Big angel, in everything! X v.

  2. Du bist meine absolute Traumfrau. Du bist genau die Frau die Ich mir immer schon gewünscht habe. Super, mach weiter so…. Ich bin selbst expansionsverrückt… LG Alex

  3. Extremely sexy!!! Beshine!!! I can’t wait too for more fillups!!! – In your boobies and especially in your lips!!! You are looking better and better with each lip fillup! Are there already some more planned? If so, when?

  4. great look Beshine!!! the lips look awsome your so beautiful and cute… 1 fill up done 2 major ones to go ;)…. Stay beautiful Beshine!


  6. I love your look!
    Pleasse do more of everything. Please do a double doze next week…

  7. Es sieht faszinierend aus. So schön plastisch und unnatürlich. Ich denke du schaffst nach den größten Boobies der Welt auch die größten Lippen der Welt. Baby, go for Gold 😉

  8. hallo beshine, hoffentlich übertreibst du es mit deinen Brüste auch so maßlos. Ich freu mich schon, wenn es da endlich neue Maße zu bestaunen gibt.

  9. How do you look now? Any news abput ass implants date and other timeplans for going bigger? I love what you do who you are!!! thank YOU!!!

  10. Question are you making them bigger then last time every time you get your lips done? Or are you just putting back what was lost? No mater what answer you give it’s is awesome.

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