Beshine got her booty implants today

hey everyone !!! just wanted to let you know that i had my booty augmentation today and got my silicone implants. i’m feeling tired right now and i have a lot of pain at the moment. hope i can sleep this night.. i also had my lips done yesterday, but this time with a permanent filler. the other fillers did not last as long as i wanted and it’s frustrating that the swelling always went down so fast. more info later, i’m sleepy & have to recover now. XO Beshine 😉

implant pass 850cc silicone booty implants from Beshine

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  1. Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen, dass Du Dich gut und schnell von der OP erholst, und dass alles so geworden ist, wie Du es Dir wünschst! Du bist einfach unbeschreiblich!

  2. Glad everything went smoothly Beshine, and hope you sleep well and they look as big as you hoped for when the swelling goes down a little. Sweet dreams xoxo

  3. Hi! Greats news, i hope you feel better soon, you are the most incredible and beautiful woman on earth, i cant wait to see your pictures..

  4. Ich jet concerned, fraulen. Ja I liked your arsk the way it was. You are going to have to do twice the work to maintain both..(:

  5. You already look awesome. You don’t need to do more :). But if you wish it, then make yourself happy. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope you recovery and heal fast.

  6. wow i can only imagine how your new booty will look cant wait for some new pics im sure its look Amazing, hope you feel better 🙂 -Light

  7. Hope you feel better soon. How big are they? Can’t wait too see you back in action with much love and muscle hugs the Juggernaut. PS Do rest up and don’t rush your self, by by Beshine for now.

  8. Fantastic news!! Can’t wait to see the result. I’m so curious about the size of booty implants and lips too. Wish you fast and easy recovery!

  9. schlafen ist ja bekanntlich die beste medizin 🙂 ich freu mich auf die bilder und wünsche dir natürlich eine gute besserung.

  10. Great news! I’m glad that everything went well! Take all the time u need for the recovery. You are fantastic!!

  11. We (me and Holly) really want to congratulate you on your recent surgeries. I hope you’ll have a speedy recovery and the results that you’re hoping for.
    I hope you’re going to enjoy all the hard work that you had to suffer for! You’re our hero, but I think you know that already! *hug*

    All the best,
    Martijn and Holly

    (Ps. We sent you an email with some info that may interest you)

  12. Good job Beshine. I know that you were looking forward to these implants and I hope they work out. Congratulations on all you have done. You are an inspiration to all those who persist.

  13. WOW THIS IS FANATSTIC NEWS!!!! cant wait to see im sure you look amazing! and i hope your LIPS ARE BIGGER THAN EVER 😉

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