Beshine candid huge boobs photos and sharks in the aquarium

happy tuesday everyone !!! hope you all had an amazing week. today i released a new photoset in the candid huge boobs picture category of my website. you see me visiting the palma aquarium. i was there for the first time and i really enjoyed my visit.

most of you maybe don’t know, but i’m really into these peaceful creatures. before i got my diploma in management, i studied a few semesters marine environmental sciences. i love dolphins, whales, sharks and many other underwater animals. it makes me so sad to realize that many of these creatures are in danger of extinction, because their habitat is getting destroyed and/or they are hunted and killed by humans. but that’s a different chapter…

i talked to my booty doc who will do my butt augmentation because i had to change the date, so the surgery will be some weeks later. this was necessary because when you are having your booty done, the recovery is much longer than for a breast augmentation. especially when getting very large implants 🙂 so with the new date i have more time for the recovery. stay tuned !!!!

this week i was shopping because i needed a new jacket for the autumn and winter season. of course the combination for women designed jackets and closing the zipper will not work for me (you know why) and wearing mens winter jacket is unsexy 😉 so i decided to buy a jacket which i have to wear open and not closed but one, thats looks feminin. so press your thumbs that these winter will not a super cold one.. but for safety’s sake i also bought a mens jacket in outsize. i hope i will not have the same problems after i got my booty done LOL

 busty blonde beshine has a enormous rack


i almost forgot.. this is a preview for you from the new candid photo gallery.. if you like it, please click the facebook like button, the twitter button, or some of the other social network and support my huge tits blog !!! thx XO Beshine

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  1. That
    That’s so awesome you love marine life; you should visit Shedd’s Aquarium in Chicago! Love the booty news!

  2. Dear goddess Beshine, would love to see you in your new winter jacket. Any chance you post a photo in one of your next updates? Greetings and kiss from Amsterdam

  3. I love the pic of you by the closet lips so so juicy my new wallpaper. It’s great to hear more about your booty implants even if it’s you saying it is going to be a few weeks longer before you get them. By the way you don’t have to tell me but my 5 cents on how big or huge they will be 530cc each I hope but maybe that’s to big for a first timer. Now your clothes what you should do is get a size that fits over your boobs then have a tailor make every thing smaller but the boob zone. Sorry it is just you are so thin and you can’t show it off all because of over sized clothes that you need to fit over your perfect sized breast.

  4. when you get your booty done are you gonna get them enhanced just like your growing breasts that is truely hot

  5. Awesome photo … I think, you will be sexy always. In jeans, in jacket with zip … I think, you are most sexy on the world …
    Deine Nachbar von Tschechien 🙂

  6. Wow,you have studied a few semesters marine environmental sciences and you have a diploma in management,that’s very impressive!! You are not only incredibly beautiful but also very intelligent!! What a woman!! The fact that the dolphins and whales are in danger of extinction makes me sad too. You have a good heart Beshine,you are simply a classy woman!! xoxo

  7. Hi Beshine,

    habe eben Deine neuesten Snaphshot-Bilder gesehen… Du bist einfach wunderschön. Hoffe man bekommt nun öfter mal soetwas zu sehen von Dir. Und vor allem das Du auch mal öfter wieder in Deinem Chat bist…Würde Dich zu gerne mal Live sehen…



  8. P.S.: Ich hoffe das bei Deiner nächsten OP wirklich alles gut läuft… Bitte überstürze da nichts wirklich bitte!!!

  9. Beshine, did you notice the girl on the first pic looking very jealous at you? (or maybe she is already in love, because I think all women can fall in love with a tit goddess like you, because you are the most beautiful thing that has ever existed!) Keep growing Beshine, all men and women will worship you!!

  10. wow!!! That is awesome to hear that you soon will enhance your butt! I’m looking foward so much! But i have an idea: If you are already in the clinic for surgery you could also enhance your lips and cheeks even more. I think those closet pics with the juicy lips are way one of the hottest pics you ever posted! I’d love much more pics with such big lips and round cheeks of you! It suits you perfectly!!!

  11. I think you are perfect now. No need to raise the butt, but wait a little longer for the skin to stretch your breasts to enhance her cleavage a bit more. As her breasts are huge, you will increase your butt looking fat.

  12. Wow, I always thought I we were the oddballs for being into this but there is a woman in the background of the Aquarium shot who looks so jealous of you right there. Its such a good thing to see others appreciate the piece of art you have become.

    I can not wait for you to get booty implants, I know they are going to make you look even more fantastic then you already do. Hopefully the twins dont get jealous but might wanna wait for it to be a bit warmer before another fill up haha.

    Keep up the awesome work and remember, bigger is better and biggest is best 🙂

  13. I am a huge fan of whales and dolphins and marine creatures. You should check out the Ripley’s believe it or not aquarium. Very informative and fun, they even have an area called ray bay where you can “pet” stingrays so to speak. I agree with you they aren’t just neat sea creatures, they are related to humans, from an evolutionary standpoint. Geez you got the 3 B’s my dear. Brains, beauty and HUGE Boobs! You’ll always look feminine, so keep following your dream!

    Here’s to the queen of sexy 🙂 Cheers!

  14. hallo beshine, wenn du keine richtige jacke findest für den winter probier doch mal einen richtig schönen voluminösen pelzmantel…. würde dir bestimmt sehr gut stehen!! was meinst!?

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