Beshine Aquamid lip injections

hi everyone ! after my last visit in april, wednesday i was in madrid again for a date with my doctor for some more lip injections. he added 2cc of aquamid into the upper lip and 2cc into the lower lip. the same amount like the last time. love this filler. i have absolute no complications with it and it lasts so much longer then all the other fillers i have tried before.


i also like madrid a lot. such a beautiful city, even this time i had to fly back home directly after my appointment. so this time i unfortunately had no time for sight seeing but next time i hope i’m not too busy so i can stay longer. i also took some pictures during the flight because i like big mountains LOOOL .. beautiful, right ?


of course i took a lot before and after photos of the procedure and in this blog update i’m posting two of them. i hope you like them. everything is a bit swollen at the moment but i like the look of my new lips 😉


i also did a video during the session which i will maybe release on my youtube channel. let me know if you are interested in such a video ! you decide 😉

ok sweeties, that’s it for now. talk soon and lot’s of love,

beshine 🙂

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  1. Of course we’re interested in such a video!!! Video yeah!!! Video yeah!!! Go video go!!!
    Btw!!! I love the pics!!! Your lips look fantastic!!!

  2. hope u r having a wonderful weekend MS BESHINE. I love the “new lips” but that should come as no surprise because I’m a BESHINE FANATIC!!! it’s obvious that u love the mountains because u have the 2 BIGGEST(BOOBIE & DOOBIE)!! now u have THE WORLD’S MOST LUSCIUOS LIPS & THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BOOBS!!! I should mention that u r packing a NICE BOOTY also!! u r BEAUTIFUL & HOTTT IN EVERY WAY!! I hope that u will release the video because I’m intrigued about your lip injections! so here’s 2 u BIG BOOB HUGS & LUSCIOUS LIP KISSES!!!

  3. please put up some youtube videos beshine! we love you and your giant boobies 🙂 xxxx

  4. Hi Beshine,

    we as hardcore Beshine fans want to see as much as possible of our sweet georgeouis face, big lip, booty and breast queen with the great personality 😉
    Yes please release the video. But why not the same time on your homepage?

  5. Golly Gosh Beshine! SCRUMPTIOUS lips in the first photo! Ah, you certain know how to make a girl jealous! I hope, as you say, this filler will last a little longer. Do your lips get stretched out permanently? Or do they go back to where they were before? Just cuious.

    Kisses…. Muse

  6. Hi Beshine,

    its cool, everything get good 🙂 and you look awesome like everytime 🙂

    And, because your YouTube channel is empty, i think, everybody will want, you will post something there 🙂

    I cant wait for this video and your blogs 🙂

  7. Your lips are not the only things that are swollen. Your mountainous tits, look like they are swelling, bigger and bigger all the time too!!

  8. ein video davon wäre der wahnsinn! die lippen sehen super aus! bin gespannt wie viel cc’s du da noch reinpackst!! LOVE YOU 🙂

  9. Your lips look fantastic Beshine!! You should stay at Aquamid. Please post this video which u did during the session, I for my part am very interested! Every video with u is an eye catcher! U are the big boob queen of the world!

  10. Och, auf dem Luftbild ist nur der größte Berg der Alpen zu sehen – der Mont Blanc. Nicht der größte der Welt. Naja gut – dafür im Bild darunter 😉 Sogar zwei davon!

  11. I would love to see a video or a set of you boarding the plane and manouvering trough the plane and into your seat 😀

  12. I have been

    Hi Beshine,
    I’ve been such a fan of your ever growing gigantic tits but unexpectedly you have fired up other passions that I wasn’t even aware of and that’s your lips and booty. What an awesome and wonderful combination – you have become a sexual fantasy figure that I can only dream of.

  13. Please beshine – post this vid of your lip session !!!! Sooooo hot, you should do more lip focused stuff, your fake lips are true beauties. Close up vids, especially procedure vids, I am so addicted to your mega lips!!!

  14. Please, please post this video!!!!!!!!! Your Post is more than a month old….cannot wait anymore

  15. Ofcourse ! Yes please ! We can’t get enough pics and vids of Beshine ! Especially snapshots form behind the scenes are mindboggling 🙂

  16. Das wäre ja das ideale Video für das heutige Halloween gewesen. Alles Gute dazu. Und lass mal was im Blog von Dir hören sonst gibt’s Saueres – aber nur heute!

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