Beshine, a fake silicone booty and alot of pain

today is the third day after my butt augmentation with silicone implants. the first two days i had a lot of pain and especially the first night was really extreme for me. one thing i can tell you.. i had alot of surgeries and you always have to deal with pain, i know that. but a booty augmentation with implants is a complete different level. it tops it all on the pain level, with distance 😉

now i’m back to my hotel room and i’m feeling much better today. just had a latte macchiato and a super tasty cupcake. mmhh.. yummy!! trying to recover and listening to the new paul kalkbrenner (one of my favorite DJ’s) album called “Guten Tag”

i’m a bit nervous because my flight back to germany is next week and i now that it will be very hard. i always have problems when flying because my boobs are too big for the plane seats. thats the reason why i normally have two or three pillows with me so i sit higher and my breasts can lie on the armrests. but for 10-12 days after the butt augmentation i can not sit on the butt so i think i need to stay on my knees during the flight. that will be long three hours F**K !! but i can’t wait to fly back home next week and i really looking forward.

i got many emails the last days from you with very lovely and kindest wishes. WOW thank you so much for that, i really appreciate !!! hope you all have a great and safe weekend !! talk soon.. many big boob hugs and fake booty shaking 🙂 XO Beshine

PS: uppps.. i almost forgot. wanted to post photos of my new silicone ass for you. let me know what you think and leave a comment on my blog. i have to wear these tights and corsets for the next weeks. sexy LOL

after her booty augmentation giant breasted babe Beshine has silicone implants in her butt

big titted hottie Beshine had a butt augmentation with silicone butt implants and has a fake booty now

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  1. Hi Be,

    Early shot looks great. Love the idea of a nice pronounced booty to go with your extra huge boobs. Often overlooked in the history of enhanced boobs. I can only imagine the pain but rest assured and I think i can speak for other fans we truly appreciate the effort you go through to turn us on and continue to reinvigorate the superboob world. Thanks again

  2. Congrats Beautiful Beshine. You are already the sexiest most beautiful woman on earth and continue to get better and better. You are a special and unique woman. You bring sexual fantasy and dreams to reality for all your admirers. God bless you! Your booty looks great! And we cant wait for your next boob augmentation. Hang in there through the butt pain. It wont last long.
    You are a true Goddess!

  3. Big fake booty is looking great Beshine! When do we get to see the new and improved big fake lips that goes with it? 😀

  4. hey beshine, its nice to see youre feeling better and your new booty looks amazing, hope you feel better soon 🙂 -Light

  5. I like, you are now much better … But flight back …. its sad, you must stay on knees … So ,what stay on foots orr try you three pillows under your knees? 3 hours is long time in closed flying tube … Maybe, you should stay in hotel some days, until you will be ok … But, here is Hollyday and xmass…

    And your booty?!? Its super!!! 🙂 And how i see, you are lying on tummy(its right?!?) and your twins boobie and doobie. Its awesome photo!!!

    I admire you, for much paine, what you must endure.

    Simply … I love you!!!

    Regards from czech republic.

  6. Your new booty looks wonderfull just as boobie and doobie. Looks perfect on you, congrats. Hope to see some pics of your naked booty in near future.
    And can’t wait till your next boob augmentation.
    Have a lovely day and hope the pain ease out fast for lovely you.

  7. Hang in there my Angel, the pain will fade but the beauty will only grow! Can’t wait to see the new bigger, better you!
    You are amazing!!! X v

  8. Yes VinzDema,i couldn’t say it better: The pain will fade but the beauty will grow!! That’s so true! Think of great moments in your life or things that you really love and you can bear the pain better! Hold on Beshine,in some weeks the pain is gone and you are more beautiful and adorable than ever before!! Your beauty will reaching new dimensions!!

  9. you are my inspiration beshine! i made my self bigger and bigger because of you, and will continue too 😛 i wish i was your husband you are so amazing!!!!

  10. beshine hello, my name geizon I’m from Brazil, and I was very happy for you in your new surgery in the buttocks

  11. hey beshine, congratulations!
    hope u feel better soon!

    but how u manage to lay on ur stomach?
    i dont think u can lay on ur back with ur new booty implants, but how can u lay on ur stomach with these 2 wonderful things in front of u?

  12. You make fantasies come true! Won’t you share the name of your wonderful doctors so other women may feel the same excitement? Thank you for everything you go through! You are getting better and better!

  13. HI Beshine, wirklich respekt. Wünsche DIr gute Besserung und hoffentlich ist in zwei Wochen bei Dir wieder alles ok. Weiss, dass grade bei solch einer OP viele Frauen die das gemacht haben danach sagen sie würden das grade wegen den Schmerzen nie wieder tun…Ist eben ganz was andres als eine Brust OP… aber wem sage ich das… Du bist und bleibst eben eine TRAUMFRAU

    LG und hoffentlich bist Du wieder bald bei uns in good old germany


    P.S.: Hoffe DU hast dann jemand liebes der sich um Dich kümmert 😉


  14. Hope you are resting well sweetheart! I think I can speak for all of your fans by saying we love you very much!

  15. Happy booty recovery. I hope your new ass is HUGE.


    pronounciasion is the same, though spelling is different

  16. Biggest breasts, super hot fake lips and now a fake booty ? HOT!!!!! You are the perfect woman!!!

  17. You are the most perfect woman on earth!! The best body on earth with a perfect face with the big lips! Now you get even better with a new big booty!! I love you so much!! Pretty feet and toes that begged to be kissed and sucked on. Best boobs on earth!! and now the best booty to match the rest of your perfect body!!

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