The largest surgical enhanced breasts

hey everyone ! spring has arrived which means its getting warm outside and warm weather is perfect perfect for tops. tight tops ! ok, winter clothes are extreme tight too but i love getting up in the morning and the birds are singing outside, the first warming sunbeams on my boobage.. even my boobs are sometimes too big to handle because of all the sheer weight and how they stick out of my upper body. yes they control my movement which means when they start moving the rest of my body has to follow ! but thats an amazing feeling for sure  😃😀😁


and because of that my new image gallery is named boobs too big to handle where you see me and the most extreme expanded breasts in the world visiting a little town in the north and enjoying the sunny weather. i had a lot of fun there. i love the danish ice cream and their hot dogs with the red sausage are famous and super yummy 🌭😛

i also spent some time playing horizon: dawn zero. wow, this game is absolute amazing. great story, amazing graphics, cool atmosphere and yes, aloy rocks but since its an open world game i will need to spend more time on it.. finished about 25% of the game actually. 


i also posted a new 4K UHD and FULL HD video to my website and since my motivation for getting a bigger and larger boobage is unstoppable the movie is called the largest surgical enhanced breasts. yes, the boobie greed monster is driving me wild even after all those years of expanding, growing and enhancing my boobies. 

but of course that will not make it easier this year for me to find some cool spring and summer outfits even i mostly let the tops etc. already change by a tailor.. maybe its time to get everything tailer made now


talk soon, largest boobie hugs from Beshine 😎🙃😜