Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

i’m wishing you all a happy christmas and happy holidays !

i had a wonderful time on christmas eve with my family and my beloved ones. christmas dinner this year was very german and very delicious. had christmas goose with red cabbage, broccoli, beans and potatoes with sauce. and it also seems i was a good girl this year or santa is maybe a lot into boobs.. LOL but christmas gift giving was rich and extensive 😃

anyway, don’t forget to check my latest two updates in the members area of my website. the first one is a 1080P HD ginormous boobs video which is called Blonde girl with an enormous rack. here’s a screenshot from the video


the other update i posted is from december 23th and it’s a giant breasts image set including 44 High Definition photos. It’s named Massive fake globes in the dunes and here comes a preview picture for all my blog readers and subscribers


that’s it for now. talk soon and let the bells jingle, beshine 💋

Greatest enhanced set of boobs on the planet on a funfair

hi sweeties ! i just have released a brand new candid video. it’s called Greatest enhanced set of boobs on the planet on a funfair and even my candid movies come in 1080P super clear High Defintion and of course with high bitrates. as you can guess from the description i was visiting a funfair and had a lot of fun there. of course i could not take any rides or roller coasters because of my boob size. boobie & doobie would have taken too much space in the rides and also the safety bars could not be closed. but i took a ride on a ferris wheel and of course there was also lot of yummy sweet and candy 🙂

i have 3 sample images from the clip for my blog readers and followers. don’t forget that these preview photos are reduced and compressed in size and quality. in the members area of my website you will of course just get full sized images and videos.


as you know i like watching tv series and netflix just released american horror story 4. i watched season 1 – 3 already and i was very excited for the fourth season. i have seen episode 1,2,3,4 until now and i am really fascinated. can’t wait to watch the rest. i’m also looking foward for season 5 and yes, the new apple tv is great ! there are some really cool games in the app store. among others i played beat sports. i first was wearing just one bra but i had so much fun that i forgot the sheer weight of my boobies and suddenly my bra crashed even my new custom made bras already have even stronger reinforcements then the last models.


so for the next round i put on 3 bras and slowed down my movement a bit and voila, the bra straps endured the weight for now, but i already discovered some signs of wear on the worn bras from playing so i think we all know how this will end. anyway, my bra makers say i am their best customer. i bet they are right 🙂


have a great week everyone and may the boobforce be with you ! xo Beshine 💋

Pre christmas season and boobs out of control

hi everyone ! hope you all doing fine. its already pre christmas season and i bumped into so many people in the crowded stores when i was shopping for christmas gifts for my beloved ones. the thing is that my titties stick out so much from my upper body that when i move or turn too fast it seems they get out of control sometimes and when this happens especially in tight spaces i slide into funny and crazy situations.

the last days i took some time for christmas baking which unfortunately ended in a total disaster. i lost control over these supersized boobies and in moments of inattention i knocked over flour, sugar, milk and various other things lol ! however the biscuits are all delicious and they are not only handmade by myself the are also boobmade by myself 🙂

dont forget to check the latest updates on my website. i released a brand new candid video called Biggest fake boobs out in public for all members. you see me walking in regular clothes in public and having lots of fun with my mega melons and the reactions of other people. this is a screenshot from the movie


this preview picture is from my latest photoset update named Massive enhanced beachball sized juggs and a striped top. let me know if you like it an leave a comment on my blog.


talk soon and mega big boob hugs, Beshine 🙂