Happy Halloween from Beshine

happy halloween everyone ! i was thinking about a cool costume for some time now because many of you sent me great ideas.. but since i love to watch horror movies and one of my all time favorites is the halloween movie series with michael myers i ordered the mask and the blue overall. the mask fits but not the overall on my upper body even it is men size and 6XL so i put on my black bra for this quick gigantic breasts photo. hope it scares you LOOOOL


are you celebrating halloween too and what have you planned for halloween ? i was playing the evil within on my ps4. wow this game is so scary and bloody.. i also watched some horror movies and tomorrow night i will go out to a halloween party. but since the blue overall doesn’t fit i think i will wear my giant boob costume with a pink custom made bra.. what do you think 🙂


talk soon and have a great time, yours Beshine 😉