Beshine Aquamid lip injections

hi everyone ! after my last visit in april, wednesday i was in madrid again for a date with my doctor for some more lip injections. he added 2cc of aquamid into the upper lip and 2cc into the lower lip. the same amount like the last time. love this filler. i have absolute no complications with it and it lasts so much longer then all the other fillers i have tried before.


i also like madrid a lot. such a beautiful city, even this time i had to fly back home directly after my appointment. so this time i unfortunately had no time for sight seeing but next time i hope i’m not too busy so i can stay longer. i also took some pictures during the flight because i like big mountains LOOOL .. beautiful, right ?


of course i took a lot before and after photos of the procedure and in this blog update i’m posting two of them. i hope you like them. everything is a bit swollen at the moment but i like the look of my new lips 😉


i also did a video during the session which i will maybe release on my youtube channel. let me know if you are interested in such a video ! you decide 😉

ok sweeties, that’s it for now. talk soon and lot’s of love,

beshine 🙂