Gigantic sized breasts on a blonde and halloween fun

hey everyone ! i just updated my website with a new image gallery for you. all boob men and lovers of massiv firm fake tits check out Gigantic sized breasts on a blonde !! i post 2 preview photos of the set for all my blog subscribers and readers. i love to read from you and when you leave a comment on my blog. your feedback is always welcome 🙂


hope you had an amazing halloween time ! i was looking for an easy halloween costume which wasn’t so easy because i couldn’t decide. so, i ordered a nurse outfit but had to realize after the package arrived, that it was really too tight on top so i couldn’t use it. i was a little late with that so i didn’t had the opportunity to give it to a dressmaker to make it fit. i was a little bit sad about it but later that evening after i finished my cam shows i met with friends and we had so much fun. some of my friends are also implanted so we did some boob o lantern LOOOL maybe some of you remember when i posted a set like this on my website some years ago. for those who don’t know or would like to know more about, here’s a link to a little preview from the boob o lantern photos 😉


many of you now that i like the apple devices and because apple released the new ipad, i wanted to visit the apple store to get the new ipad air. but there was a really big crowd and after bumping into so many people with my boobies i decided to order it online. gigantic breasts need space and the are not really made for standing in tight crowds or rooms. but everyone i bumped into was happy and i saw lots of smiling and happy faces that day LOL

and because it autumn season its also movie season. i love watching movies and some tv series. after i finished watching the first season of “hannibal” which was really cool and with some really rotten scenes, i started watching “the walking dead” 3. i’m at episode 5 now and i think season 1 was the best. 2 was ok but season 3… i will tell you when i finished watching

i’m wishing you all a great weekend. talk soon a lots of boobie hugs, Beshine 🙂