Beshine, massiv breasts, snow and birthday party

Busty blonde Beshine snow walk is the new massiv tits photoset for the members of BESHINE.COM ! the official website from the woman with the largest breasts in the world.  this is a preview image for all the blog subsribers and followers

the largest breasts in the world has beshine

hi everyone, the second last weekend was really great. i was at the concert from some of my favorite techno dj’s. over 12.000 party people and the crowd was going crazy. the lightshow was so great, too. it was an so amazing night. even if it is very hard to dance with such large breasts… keeping balance was a big challenge too, because when boobie & doobie start the move they have a kind of their own mind and the rest of my body has simply to follow LOL

last weekend was my big birthday party. i will not go into details because this a part of my private life, but one thing i let you know.. the party was the bomb, party hard 🙂 after the weekend i went back to germany. grrrr.. lots of snow and so cold here. can’t wait that spring starts and the weather is getting warmer. i’m missing the birds singing in the morning when waking up. the smell of fresh cut green gras.. 😉

would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment on my blog. hope you have a great week. lots of love, Beshine

In The Changing Room With Beshine Part III

new giant tits snapshots in the members area of ! the photoset is called In The Changing Room With Beshine Part III see the woman with the worlds largest augmented breasts Beshine doing her daily activities and how she handles the massiv size of her extremly oversized boobs. this is a sneak preview for my blog subscribers and followers. let me know if you like it and leave a comment on my big tits blog. love to read from you 😉

Beshine is the woman with the worlds largest augmented breasts

this week i was visiting my hairdresser. normally when i had my hair done i’m feeling happy. but this time i was a little bit sad. i wanted new extensions but my hairdresser told me its better to pause a while. so he removed my extensions and now i have shorter hair. its ok but its a little bit unusual for me. but when i have my next date with my hairdresser i’m getting new extensions, thats for sure. my hair need to recover just a bit 🙂

next week on the 19th march is my birthday. so at the moment i’m planning my birthday party which i will celebrate on majorca. i like big parties so there are a lot of things to prepare. i want terminator lookalikes for service and security and a elvis presley entertainer for music on my party. i’m curious LOL

i hope you will have a great and safe weekend. talk soon. XOXO Beshine

Big juggs massage with Beshine and her giant tits

Big juggs massage Part I & II are the two new giant tits videos on my official website ! boobie and doobie need a lot of care so i’m massaging them with pleasure. many of you asked if i can do some boob clapping, so i integrated that in the video for you 😉 i like the sound when my hands clap on my extremely augmented breasts. great experience for every fake breasts fetish lover. this is a screenshot from the HD video for my blog subscribers.


for the whole video in high definition in multiple formats or high difinition online stream check out my members area !! whishing you all a happy weekend. XOXO Beshine 🙂