Beshine and her gigantic tits in a cuddle pullover

Beshine and her gigantic tits in a cuddle pullover is the new huge boobs photoset for the members of !! i have two preview photos from the set for you.. if you like them please let me know and leave a comment ! love to read from you 😉

Beshine and her gigantic tits in a cuddle pullover

Beshine has the worlds biggest boobs

time is running so fast at the moment. it’s already friday again. this week i got my order from uk. it’s a new and special lotion which makes the skin super soft and elastic. i tried it for the last days and i really like the results. the only bad thing about this lotion is, the bottles get empty too fast LOL ok, i need a lot of lotion to get both of my breasts completely lotioned up.. next time i definitely should order some more bottles so i have some in stock! i had the idea of making a video when i’m massaging my huge tits, what do you think ? 🙂

just listening to some real cool techno music when writing this blog entry.. i’m in party mood !!! i’m about to put some sexy and of course tight closes on and have some fun with my girls. one of my friends got her boobs done some weeks ago. she went from 1400cc to 2000cc and tonight it’s the first time for her to go out. i’m so proud of her and she looks so boobilicious. and what is better then one set of giant breasts ? two pairs of course ! we have made some cool shirts for tonight. they have the slogan “twins” cool, huh 🙂

ok sweeties, hope everyone will have a fun and safe weekend ! lot’s of big boobs hugs, Beshine