Beshine got her booty implants today

hey everyone !!! just wanted to let you know that i had my booty augmentation today and got my silicone implants. i’m feeling tired right now and i have a lot of pain at the moment. hope i can sleep this night.. i also had my lips done yesterday, but this time with a permanent filler. the other fillers did not last as long as i wanted and it’s frustrating that the swelling always went down so fast. more info later, i’m sleepy & have to recover now. XO Beshine 😉

implant pass 850cc silicone booty implants from Beshine

Beshine, giant tits and a wool sweater

Beshine and her giant tits in a grey wool sweater is the new video i have posted in the members area of my website. big boobs stretching a grey sweater !! i’m also showing my french nail design and extra long toe nails for the footlovers of you. of course the video comes in high definition, like every movie on my homepage 😉

this is a screenshot preview for you !!! i always love to hear from you. so, please give a feedback and leave a comment on my blog

blonde with sexy long toenails and big firm boobs

busty beshine has sexy long french toe nails

this week was really cool because i did alot shopping and preparations for the xmas time. i think when you have giant boobs its better to do christmas shopping in november, because in december the shops are so crowded and i’m always bumping into other people with boobie & doobie LOL !!! so.. only a few things more and i have all presents for my beloved ones 🙂

i also got my new iphone 5 this week. this is great because i ordered it 4 weeks ago and as an apple fan i was really nervous. the only bad thing is, that the cool case i showed you in the last blog post isn’t fitting on the new smartphone anymore. ok, no problem. i know some great shops in the UK which do custom bling bling cases too LOL

penultimate weekend i was at the klitschko fight.. this was really an amazing event. i had great seats near the boxingring and the fight was twelve rounds. alot action for the money. of course klitschko won. but he could have knocked out his opponent in the 5th or 6th round.

happy thanksgiving tomorrow to everyone who is celebrating it. in germany we usually do not. but i will have a great time with my family and friends, we have planned to go out for a dinner.. of course my favorite italian one. love italian salads, grilled salmon in olive oil with garlic etc.. have to stop blogging now because i need a snack 🙂 XO Beshine

PS: next week will be a big week and i’m very excited, but i will tell you more, later!! be surprised

Beshine with giant fake boobs doing a boob workout

Beshine and her large breasts workout is the brand new big boobs candid photo gallery from the snapshot category of you see me doing some excercises in the gym to stay in shape even if it’s an 24/7 training having these giant boobies everyday.

do you want some giant tits in motion ? in the video section of my website there is also a movie called In the gym with the worlds biggest boobs !!! lots of tit bouncing and jiggling when these heavy twins start moving 😉

i have two preview pictures from the photoset for you.. please let me know if you like them and feel free to leave a comment on my blog or press one of the social network buttons

blonde babe beshine with giant fake boobs doing a boob workout

huge breasted blonde beshine does an iphone self portrait and shows her enormous rack topless

this week i’ve got a package of which i am very pleased. it is almost four months ago that i’ve ordered a new smartphone case and after lots of emails and a long time of waiting i got my new case this week which i really didn’t expect. yippi.. pretty cool, huh ?

huge titted babe showing her bling bling smartphone case

i hope you will have a great weekend !! take care ♥ Beshine