Beshine and her large breasts in the kitchen

Beshine and her large breasts in the kitchen is the brand new big boobs photoset in the members section of my website and this is a sneak peek for you 😉

beshine and her big round boobs


since last night it’s winter time in germany which means the clocks are adjusted backward one hour. One hour more sleep for boobie and doobie !! i got some mails about how i sleep with these extreme enhanced breasts. mmhh, i just can sleep on my back. sleeping on my belly ? NO WAY!!!! even sleeping on the side is not possible, because i have too much sideboob. sleeping on my back is comfortable for me.. the only disadvantage is, when lying on my back i cannot watch tv, because my boobies are too big and too high. but i have a great mountain view every morning when i awake LOL look at this picture and you know what i mean 😉

heavy tits girl beshine has the biggest melons

today was a lazy sunday so i was out for a walk. love watching the colorful autumn nature and when the green landscapes are changing to lovely yellow, orange and red colors. what a beautiful autumn day !!! i also visited some stores this week because i was looking for some christmas decorations. i’m a little bit earlier this year because of my booty augmentation.. i’ve already found some great stuff but i still need some more few things..

have a great upcoming week everyone, talk soon and many boobie hugs.. Beshine 🙂

Beshine candid huge boobs photos and sharks in the aquarium

happy tuesday everyone !!! hope you all had an amazing week. today i released a new photoset in the candid huge boobs picture category of my website. you see me visiting the palma aquarium. i was there for the first time and i really enjoyed my visit.

most of you maybe don’t know, but i’m really into these peaceful creatures. before i got my diploma in management, i studied a few semesters marine environmental sciences. i love dolphins, whales, sharks and many other underwater animals. it makes me so sad to realize that many of these creatures are in danger of extinction, because their habitat is getting destroyed and/or they are hunted and killed by humans. but that’s a different chapter…

i talked to my booty doc who will do my butt augmentation because i had to change the date, so the surgery will be some weeks later. this was necessary because when you are having your booty done, the recovery is much longer than for a breast augmentation. especially when getting very large implants 🙂 so with the new date i have more time for the recovery. stay tuned !!!!

this week i was shopping because i needed a new jacket for the autumn and winter season. of course the combination for women designed jackets and closing the zipper will not work for me (you know why) and wearing mens winter jacket is unsexy 😉 so i decided to buy a jacket which i have to wear open and not closed but one, thats looks feminin. so press your thumbs that these winter will not a super cold one.. but for safety’s sake i also bought a mens jacket in outsize. i hope i will not have the same problems after i got my booty done LOL

 busty blonde beshine has a enormous rack


i almost forgot.. this is a preview for you from the new candid photo gallery.. if you like it, please click the facebook like button, the twitter button, or some of the other social network and support my huge tits blog !!! thx XO Beshine

New huge boobs video with Beshine called mega large breasts

check out the new huge boobs video called mega large breasts in a red dress. the vid comes in high definition. members of my website can download this large breasts movie or watch it directly via stream. the video is also available for tablet computer and mobile phone. these are two preview screenshots for you.. let me know if you like pls 😉

gigantic melons wearing a dress

Beshine has mega large breasts

i’m back in germany from my trip to the lovely spanish island mallorca. i had a great time there and the weather was amazing. so, the more i was shocked when i arrived back in germany, because here it’s already autumn.. really cold and rainy. that means cold feet and cuddle super stretched winter pullover time LOL

also, i was more then surprised when i had to pay the park ticket for my car at the airport this time.. i was a bit late before the flight so i did not think on it where i parked my car in the car park. in the end, i had to pay over 400 euros for the ticket because i haven’t stood in the parking area for long-term tenants !!! f**k.. i was really shocked !!! that was the most expensive park ticket ever for me 🙂

i’m just making a hot chocolate.. so yummy in this season! tonight i will watch Wetten, dass..? in english it’s called Wanna bet that..? with some good friends. it’s one of the big show events this year in germany. so i’m a little bit excited 🙂 hope you are having a great weekend. XOXO and big boobie hugs, Beshine