Beshine, Mallorca and some giant tits

today i released a new huge tits photoset called Beshine showing her giant tits at Mallorca. i found this lovely location on one of my last trips to this beautiful spanish island and this time i was there to watch this amazing sunset… and to do some photos for you ๐Ÿ™‚

these are two sample pictures from the gallery at the members area of my website.. let me know if you like them and click one of the social network buttons down below, or leave a comment on my blog. i always love to read your comments !!!!

Massive titted babe Beshine wearing a tight striped top

Beshine has the worlds largest breasts

so, at the moment i’m on vacation at mallorca and i’m really enjoying my stay. the weather is great every day and i can swim in the pool. of course without a bikini because i had no luck finding one that fits. that sucks. i think its time again for some custom made ones. mmhh, or should i wait till after my next breast boost ?? mmhh, topless swimming is great too, so my breasts have more space to move. and when i’m bathing at the public beaches, the reactions of the people were very friendly.. i think some of them were happy that i haven’t found a bikini that fits!!

i wanted to fly home this thursday, but it is so amazing here that i have decided to stay a little bit longer… ๐Ÿ˜‰ i have some exciting places on my list i want to visit here.. but i will tell you in the upcoming updates

i hope you are having a great week!! sunny and topless big boob hugs from Beshine ๐Ÿ™‚

Gigantic tits blonde Beshine wearing a blue top

Gigantic tits blonde Beshine wearing a blue top is the brand new big boobs movie in high definition i have just released on my website. this is a video screenshot from the clip

Screenshot of Beshine and her gigantic tits from a high definition video at her website

this week i was excited when i went to the gym because i had my first zumba sessions. i had a lot of fun and i really liked it. for safety, i put on three custom made bras because i didn’t want to crash my pink sport top which can easily happen when i shake my heavy breasts too much LOL

i also vistited a farmer this week because i needed some gherkins, tomatoes, pepper, etc.. love makings salads with really fresh vegetables ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s super tasty and also very healthy !!!

tonight i’m at the movies and will watch The Expendables 2. the last time i was at the cinema i had to leave before the movie started, because my boobs were too big for the seats.. that was a little bit frustrating. so this time i’m going to a boobfriendly cinema… please whish me luck that this time the seats are wider and that me and boobie & doobie will fit into the seats.

i hope everyone is having a great start to the new week!! talk soon.. lots of large breasts hugs, Beshine

Big boobs photoset and giant tits video update

hello everyone!! hope you are having a great week.. the last days i took some days off and i visited my family and because time is often so rare, i enjoyed it so much.

sadly the weather is getting colder in germany and i think the summer slowly comes to an end here. so the more i look forward to my upcoming trip to spain. even i know that many of you love to see me in super stretched and tight winter sweaters and pullovers

i have two preview pictures from the latest big boobs photoset for you

giant knockers blonde Beshine at the pool

large breasted babe beshine at the pool

let my know if you like it and leave a comment here on my blog !!! there’s also a new giant tits video i released for the members of my website. have a look

it’s already wednesday and weekend is near ๐Ÿ˜‰ so, talk soon.. XOXO, yours Beshine