Busty Beshine and a short trip to Denmark

Busty Blonde Beshine in Denmark is the newest snapshot gallery i’ve just posted for the members of my website! of course i have a huge tits photo preview for all the readers of my blog! you have written so many lovely comments since i’ve started blogging.. WOW thank you, love your feedback and i really appreciate it!!

at the beach with beshine and her huge heave melons

this week i was for one day in denmark and visited a really amazing beach.. ok, it was a little bit stormy and my hair didn’t really liked so much wind, but the weather was so great.. there have been alot of people with kites and it was very interesting watching them.

i also had a danish hot dog 🙂 its a red sausage served in a sliced bun.. after eating this i realized i never had so much roasted onions in my cleavage before LOL ok sweeties, hope everyone will have an awesome weekend and a great start to the new week! XOXO, Beshine

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