May day with Beshine and her massiv boobs

massive boobs and may day yippiiiii!!! Springtime with Beshine and her mega large breasts is the brand new photo gallery i just have posted for the members of my website!!!

spring time is so wonderful! i love the smell of freshly cut grass, when the birds are singing and the spring is coloring the nature in lovely colors.. wow πŸ™‚

what have you planned for may day ? are you celebrating may 1st ? first i planned to visit the mayday in germany. its a very popular techno and electronic music festival with lot of great djs and great electro live acts. i was there some times over the last years and it was always so much fun!! but this year i’m not going there.. my jumbo boobs are too big and too heavy to dance with them the whole night until dawn πŸ™‚ so, i’m meeting friends, will go to some clubs and will party hard LOL

so sweeties, i hope everyone will have an amazing & safe may day celebration, take care and lot of big tits hugs from yours Beshine

Springtime with Beshine and her heavy breasts

Beshine, heavy tits and sickness this week

hey all, how are you doing ? on tuesday i was out with some friends for dinner and had a great time. much girlie talk and we had very yummy food in a little but very nice italian restaurant. and the waiters were so nice.. i think they were hypnotized by my boobs LOL

but, on the next day i felt so sick.. had a really bad headache and i was feeling so weak. i went to the doctor and took some medicine for the next days.. and from day to day i felt a little bit better. i used the time to relax, watched some cool movies and found some great audio books on itunes, i really liked. today i felt really fit again so i went after 2 weeks off, to the gym again. but.. my tits felt so heavy when i was doing my excercises today, so i had to do a little bit slower πŸ˜‰

this week i also had a conversation with my lip doc about an other filler which lasts longer.. i told you before, that i was very happy with the results of my last lip injections, but the result was only great for the first few days, which made me a little bit mad. but i’m very excited, because in the middle of may, i have a new date for another lip augmentation, yippi..

don’t miss my brand new snapshot gallery i’ve just posted for the members of my website! this is a sample for you

Beshine showing her giant fake tits in a changing room

ok sweeties, thats it for now. hope you all will have a great weekend!!! many giant boobie hugs and kisses, Beshine πŸ˜‰

Gigantic boobs, grey top and grey weather

hello my sweeties!! just posted a new big boobs photo gallery for the members of my website. this is a sneak preview

massive titted babe beshine has undergone extreme breast augmentation

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happy weekend to everyone, talk soon and gigantic tits hugs, xo πŸ˜‰