Weekend and busty blonde Beshine got new nails

hi sweeties !! hope you had a great week. mine was very busy but also exciting 😉 on tuesday i was “Spargel stechen” (thats what its called in german) which means, i drove to the country and got some asparagus. normally i’m not so much into cooking, but i had to try this for myself. so the menu was, asparagus with potato, ham and hollandaise sauce. my guests said it was so delicious.. so, i was very satisfied. ok, after finished eating i realized my cleavage was full of hollandaise sauce, but that happens because i have to sit far away from desk because of my boobs.

thursday evening i felt really bad because i had a terrible headache. i put on a yoga face mask and tried to relax a little bit, but that didn’t help.. so i went to bed really early and today i’m feeling so much better again.

it’s friday, so today i posted a new snapshot gallery for the members of my website. you can see me getting my nails done. since some month i’m wearing longer nails then before which i really like, but the negative site is, that long nails brake so much faster… thats a little bit annoying because i have to go more often to the nail designer..

collossal boobs babe beshine getting manicure and shows her sexy french nails

ok sweeties, i hope that you all will have a great weekend !! take care and talk soon!! huge breasts hugs 😉

PS: you can see me online this weekend doing webcam shows on camliveportal.com and having alot fun with my giant tits !!!

Huge boobs and a tight top

hi everyone!! weekend is already over and the new week begins. on friday night i was out with some friends and we visitied some clubs. that was really cool, because i had an amazing time, met great people and danced to electronic music. of course the tight pink top i was wearing was a real eyecatcher on the dancefloor and maybe it helped, that the dj played some of my favorite tracks LOL

i have just posted a brand new photoset for the members of my website. this is a preview picture for you

huge breasted girl beshine showing her gigantic rack

hope you have a great start to the new week, talk soon.. xoxo 😉

My birthday

hi sweeties,

yesterday was my birthday and it was an amazing day. wow, the best gift ever came from you. i got so many birthday wishes from my friends, fans and followers from all over the world. thank you so much sweeties.

i also got a playstation 3, yippi 🙂 i like to play adventure or puzzle games and fighting games. i got ufc 3, its ultimate fighting. currently i watch these fightings sometimes on tv, but now i can do some nice fighting action by my own 🙂

in the morning and evening of my birthday i was live on cam interacting with my fans and we had a really great time. in the afternoon i went to the city for some shopping and when i had finished i enjoyed a big vanilla cream frappucino from starbucks, yummy.

today i was more than two hours at the gym. i had to work off all the cookies and birthday cakes which i have eaten yesterday. That was a lot, but after this hard working out routine i felt good. and i’m excited for tomorrow. i have a date with my doc to talk about my lips. they have gone too fast too small and it annoys me. maybe for the next injections i choose a different filler.. more later!

and of course there are also news for the members of my website. i just uploaded a video to the members area !!

big boobie hugs and kisses

In the changing room cabin with the worlds biggest boobs

Brand new Beshine pictures for members of BESHINE.COM ! In todays big tits photo gallery the busty blonde is trying on some sexy and tight outfits in a changing room cabin. See her stretching these poor tops to the max. This is a sample

 busty blonde with the worlds biggest boobs self portrait

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