Giant tits babe Beshine in a mint summer dress

Giant tits babe Beshine sends summer feelings in cold winter days. In todays brand new high quality photos this big boobs model enjoys the summer season wearing a sexy mint dress. She loves to show her huge breasts and her deep cleavage in tight outfits. Here is a sample of the new photo set uploaded to the members area:

Giant tits blonde Beshine showing off her big knockers and her massiv cleavage

It looks like that every moment her heavy enhanced chest bouncing out. This mega busty woman is proud of her massive bust and loves to show how gigantic it is. It stretches every top to the limit. Check out the members area of her official website to get the whole high quality photo gallery.

Gigantic tits high definition video showing enhanced boobs

This is a screenshoot from the newest video of giant tits model Beshine and her mega enhanced boobs.

woman with big firm and fake tits wears a pink string infront of the cam and shows her gigantic melons.

In this new clip busty Beshine wears a pink string infront of the cam and shows her gigantic breasts. It is a nice day, the sun is shining and this big titted babe uses every moment to show her silicone breast implants off. She loves to touch them, to shake them and try to let these really heavy hooters bounce up and down. That isn´t easy anymore with such an heavy chest.

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Beshine shows her massive juggs for the second Anniversary

the 2nd anniversary of my official website, party 😉 there is one thing i would like to say.. thank you to all my fans and friends for all your support !!! that really means so much to me. wow.. i have the best fans in the world !!

the last two years have gone so fast, really busy but also very exciting. there were many changes and i’ve met awesome new people. let us rock the next years, yeeeaaaahhhh!!!

today i´ve uploaded a new photo set to the members area of my website. here is a sample for you sweeties:

photos a huge titted blonde showing her giant monster tits in a sexy mini dress

this week i had a really funny moment. there are days, where your body is soooooo tired. do you know what i mean? no power, simply uuuaaagghhh. this week i had such a day. so i decided to go and get a massage. i have a few friends that go to a thai massage spa and they have always been saying that this is such a nice relaxing time and its a place for happy ending. so lets go relaxing. when i arrived at the receiving i was viewed with “big” eyes and i think even with a large question mark. “i want to have a relaxing time and a massage”.

with a certain skepticism and a little bit shy they showed me the locker room. i took off my clothes and the first problem, the towel was too small, ups 🙂 a few minutes later they gave me the biggest men size towel they had. fantastic and i went to the massage room, lied down on the mattress to wait for the lady to come and massage me. she came in “hey where are you?” LOL, she saw two big mountains and nothing else!! than she realized that she has to reschedule her program. at the end it was a special and funny experience for this lady. she hasn’t seen such big boobs and she also hasnt used so much lotion and oil before. it was a good and relaxing time for me and i will do it again.

its no secret that i like to go out, have a good time with friends, dancing and laughing. i want to bring out the wild crazy side of me tonight (well just a little bit 😉 so the evening will start out with me going to visit some friends. we all will hang out eating, drinking, talking… after this little warming up we will pull ourselves together and get ready to party !!! we will rock the clubs, for sure 😉 ok guys, that was it for now. i hope you will have a rocking weekend. talk soon and take care. lots of hugs and kisses Beshine

In the gym and doing workouts with gigantic boobs

hey sweeties, how are you doing? time to go work this gigantic boobs out!! todays new update shows me and my boobies at the gym. here is a screenshoot from my new movie:

woman with the worlds biggest augmented boobs doing a workout in the gym

some of you asked me what workouts i do and how i can do workouts with my giant tits. so  i have done a video about me working out. yes, i cannot do every exercise and fitness device as a normal breasted girl. for some equipment my chest is too huge and for some they are too heavy. a special big boobs drill, grrrrr 😉 i have to do many exercises for my back to have the power for boobie & doobie.

well, sometimes i busted my ass in the gym and forgot to do it easy. the next day i felt like hundreds of years older and i walked like i had something stuck in my ass, lol

ok, i hope you enjoy my new upload at my official website and that you have sweated just like me, lol. take care and talk soon, xoxoxo Beshine

Giant Tits Make A Deep Cleavage in tight outfits

In todays new picture set boobmodel Beshine presents her massive tits and her deep cleavage and shows the limits of this blue white striped cotton top. The way these big boobs look in that tiny shirt is gigantic. It seems that they will be popping out every moment. It´s a visual feast for every boob loving men´s eyes seeing such heavy breasts in sexy tight clothes. Look at this sneak preview of the new high resolution photos from the members area of

Giant tits babe Beshine shows her big boobs and her deep cleavage in todays photo set update.