Beshine extremely large breasts and shopping power drink

Beshine and Extremely large breasts stretching tight top is the brand new huge tits picture gallery added in high quality for the members of ! this is a sneak preview for all the blog readers and subscribers :

Beshine has extremely large breasts

hope everyone is having a great spring time. this week was really crazy. have found that some men’s club in the us were promoting that i would have an appearance there.. of course these news are not right. i never had dances in men’s clubs and i never will have dances in men’s clubs. so if you read anything like this, it’s a fake. i get a lot messages from fans who were very happy to hear news like that.. but i’m sorry for my fans who have been looking forward to meet me at one of those clubs, this will not happen.

my manager talked to the boss of the model agency and it seems, that there was a loony person, impostor, stalker or what ever who pretended to be me. i cannot understand people who are doing things like that… but it’s a crazy world and especially in the world wide web there are a lot of people who think they are anonymous and try to hurt other people. that’s sad. but i think the more successful you get, the more you have to deal with the haters.

i found a cool energy drink. it’s called “shopping power” 🙂 as you know it can take a lot of time when girls doing their shopping tour.. and with my super heavy breasts it’s sometimes even harder to carry all those shopping bags. so i tried this shopping power drink and voila, i was able to carry even more shopping bags. LOOOOL !!!! this should also work great when getting bigger tits 😉 here’s a photo so you know what i’m talking about !


tomorrow is the big champions league final at wembley in london. that will be a great game. and the fact that two german teams are in the finals will make the match even more exciting. i’m wishing both teams luck but i hope bayern munich will win 🙂 i have ordered the fan shirt which i want to wear tomorrow. it was not easy to get it because i needed it in extra big. have not yet tested if it fits. whish me luck !!!

that’s it for now. wishing you all an amazing weekend. gigantic boob hugs, Beshine

Busty Beshine Tight Top ‘Chillin

Busty Beshine Tight Top ‘Chillin is the new gigantic tits photoset from the snapshot category ! The mega large breasted blonde boobmodel Beshine is wearing a grey top which is stretched out to the maximum by her extremely large augmented boobs. this is a sneak preview for the blog subscribers. don’t forget to check out the members area to see the complete gallery !

Beshine biggest tits on a blonde

hope everyone had a great easter weekend. i celebrated easter with my family and we had a great time. it’s getting warmer so i decided to do some spring cleaning. i found the treasure chest with all my old implants which i had installed before i went XXX cup size and out of the alphabet. i remember when i had my first breast augmentation some years ago. the first set of impants i had were 1000cc rated eurosilicone expanders. after the first surgery i woke up with 600cc’s inside every breast. the doctor filled them up to 1200cc’s during the following months. the funny thing is, today i think these 1000cc’s implants look really tiny when i’m looking at old pictures of me. there was a time i thought 1200cc is big LOL i’m thankful that my boobie greed monster never stopped being hungry !!!! look at this picture, these are the 1000cc implants, just not filled with fluid… small, huh !?!? 🙂

Eurosilicone 1000cc expandable implants

this week i also got my first custom made bra from my new bra designer. wow, feels so comfy. and the best, even bigger sizes are no problem !! next week i will be in madrid to meet my booty doc ! afterwards i’m flying to majorca again for a little spring vacation.

hope you have an amazing weekend.. many massiv boobie hugs, Beshine 😉

Trip to Paris and extra large breasts at the Eifel Tower

i’m back in germany from a short trip last week to france. i stayed some days in paris and had a great time. i visited the Eifel Tower, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame de Paris etc. and of course Champs-Élysées with all the great stores and shops. i tried to dress down and have worn some more conserative clothes to get not too much attention but this is impossible with my current size of boobs. so i think i was a sight for many of the other tourists. i told you in one of the last updates that when people make pictures of me without my permission, i do the same with them. of course i have a lot images taken from the amazing sightings in paris, but also from many many tourists and people LOL  

Beshine is the woman with the largest breasts

something really great in paris is the cuisine. WOW !!! i’ve tried so many tasty things. i am glad not to live there, otherwise i probably would too often come into temptation. this time i had to travel by train. normally i take a plane because it’s usually the fastest way to travel but when i wanted to order the flight i realized i was a little too late. there were only free seats in the economy class and i usually fly business/first class because of my sideboobs and the higher free baggage allowance. this is important when you like shopping and love to buy souvenirs for your beloved ones and friends ! but, i didn’t like the travel by train so this was the last time for me…

ok, thats it for now. don’t forget to check out the newest photo update In the office with Beshine and her extra large breasts in the big tits section of my website !!! have a great week everyone, lots of giant boob hugs, Beshine 😉