Beshine and the mega boobs jiggle

hey everyone ! don’t forget to check the latest high definition giant tits video on my website. it’s called Beshine and the mega boobs jiggle because you see me having fun with my massiv rack lying in the bed. lots of movement and jiggle.. 🙂


these are two screenshots from the big juggs video which comes in different download formats. of course everything in HD and i am also offering download formats for mobile and tablet users so you can feel the jiggle and the massive weight of my gigantic rack at every location


don’t forget to check out my facebook account. the bigger my breasts get the bigger the hate. just read the comments. you will realize that especially the negativ posts are coming from women. but hey.. it’s entertaining me because jealousy is the biggest recognition HEHE !!! life is simply too short to be flat chested 🙂

wishing you all a boobilicious week ! humongous boobs hugs, Beshine

Giant tits video with Beshine in high definition

hey sweeties !!! hope you all are doing fine and everyone is having an amazing weekend. this week was very busy. i’m working on new projects at the moment so there are alot things i have to manage and organize. be surprised!!! of course with heavy and massiv tits everything is a little bit more difficult then normal LOL

today i have released a NEW VIDEO on which can be found in the members area of my website. the movie comes (like all my movies) in multiple formats, so you can decide which one works best for you. download it in high definition 1080p or 720p, watch it online via stream in super high quality or download it for your mobile phone and tablet computer. massive boobs everywhere 😉

this is a video screenshot for you !!!

beshine has fun with her gigantic hooters

lots of big boobie hugs.. talk soon, Beshine