Beshine got a new custom made bra for her worlds biggest boobs

hey sweeties.. the day didn’t start good for me because i was in town just to shop for some new clothes. and it was really frustrating this time because i couldn’t find anything.. tried on so many tops etc. but my boobs are simply too big. for the stores salesman it was really interesting, because they have never seen or touched tits that big. but i was mad, because i had to left the stores with empty bags 🙁

the last days had been busy for me so i am very happy to be back at home for a while.. and it is even greater that there’s a package waiting for me.. first i didn’t know what that could be.. but then i remembered, a while ago i ordered a new bra and voila 🙂 here it is !!!

Beshine has the worlds biggest boobs and has to wear custom made bras because of her unbelievable mega boobs

it’s friday.. what have you planned for tonight ? i will start my webcam show this weekend at !! hope i can meet some of you!

okay sweeties.. have an awesome friday night !! take care, talk soon Beshine

Big boobs are still in the way to hug somebody

hey everyone!! hope you are doing fine and had an awesome valentine’s day with your beloved ones. there is one thing i realized more then ever.. its really not easy for me any more to hug somebody because my huge boobs are still in the way. maybe after my next breast augmentation i should also think about getting longer arms Looool

i’ve just wanted to let you know, that i´ve posted a new big tits photo gallery for the members of my website. boobie, doobie and me having some fun on a sunny day. here is one high resolution pic from the new set

Big tits blonde Beshine showing her mega boobs infront of the cam

i wish you a nice day. take care and talk soon, xoxoxoxo Beshine

Big breasted babe Beshine and her gigantic breast implants

This is a screenshoot of the brand new Full HD movie at the video collection of

Big boobs babe Beshine shows her firm giant tits and her sexy deep cleavage

Giant tits model Beshine is wearing a sexy summer dress. She wants to have some fun in the sun with her mega sized boobs. This big breasted babe just can´t get enough showing her gigantic implants and her deep cleavage. With such an impressive chest it isn´t easy to find a matching outfit. So this busty girl poses infront of the cam and starts taking her dress off and exposes her huge breasts.

Members can download the whole movie in 1080p or 720p or you can watch it with a high definition stream at your computer. With the downloadable MP4 format it´s also compatible with your smartphone.

Beshine and her gigantic breasts at the hairdresser

hey sweeties !! how is everyone doing? it has really gotten cold and i have constant cold hands and feet. i felt a little bit sick the last days.. maybe its the winter blues. i also had to recover the last days from the surgery i had last wednesday. i wrote about it in my last blog post. the swelling of my face and lips has gone down and i can go outside again. on the lips too much.. but in the next weeks i could visit my doc again.. directly after the surgery my face was very swollen and i had to stay at home for some days, i didn’t wanted to shock people too much, because the giant boobs and fake lips combination can really shock people LOL

but today i was really feeling good again. so, whats the best a girl could do ?? of course i went to the hairdresser to get my hair done.. which made me feel even better LOOOL i took my little camera with me, so i could do some photos of me for the snapshot galleries at my website!

this is a little preview for you.. you can see me standing next to my hairdresser and the other photo is a big tits self portrait LOL hope you like.. ok, i had to wear this black cape.. but you should see that there are some huge breasts under 🙂

big busty blonde with giant fake boobs is getting her hair done

woman with the biggest boobs at the hairdresser shows her giant rack

in the members area you can see the complete picture gallery and of course many more private photos of me handling my life being super busty 🙂 as you can imagine.. with a chest this size, things are sometimes not that easy as they seem to be.

hope everybody is having a great week and thanks for all the lovely and nice comments you made on my blog, i always love to read them !!! talk soon and extra big boobie hugs, Beshine

Giant tits babe Beshine in a mint summer dress

Giant tits babe Beshine sends summer feelings in cold winter days. In todays brand new high quality photos this big boobs model enjoys the summer season wearing a sexy mint dress. She loves to show her huge breasts and her deep cleavage in tight outfits. Here is a sample of the new photo set uploaded to the members area:

Giant tits blonde Beshine showing off her big knockers and her massiv cleavage

It looks like that every moment her heavy enhanced chest bouncing out. This mega busty woman is proud of her massive bust and loves to show how gigantic it is. It stretches every top to the limit. Check out the members area of her official website to get the whole high quality photo gallery.