My birthday

hi sweeties,

yesterday was my birthday and it was an amazing day. wow, the best gift ever came from you. i got so many birthday wishes from my friends, fans and followers from all over the world. thank you so much sweeties.

i also got a playstation 3, yippi 🙂 i like to play adventure or puzzle games and fighting games. i got ufc 3, its ultimate fighting. currently i watch these fightings sometimes on tv, but now i can do some nice fighting action by my own 🙂

in the morning and evening of my birthday i was live on cam interacting with my fans and we had a really great time. in the afternoon i went to the city for some shopping and when i had finished i enjoyed a big vanilla cream frappucino from starbucks, yummy.

today i was more than two hours at the gym. i had to work off all the cookies and birthday cakes which i have eaten yesterday. That was a lot, but after this hard working out routine i felt good. and i’m excited for tomorrow. i have a date with my doc to talk about my lips. they have gone too fast too small and it annoys me. maybe for the next injections i choose a different filler.. more later!

and of course there are also news for the members of my website. i just uploaded a video to the members area !!

big boobie hugs and kisses

In the changing room cabin with the worlds biggest boobs

Brand new Beshine pictures for members of BESHINE.COM ! In todays big tits photo gallery the busty blonde is trying on some sexy and tight outfits in a changing room cabin. See her stretching these poor tops to the max. This is a sample

 busty blonde with the worlds biggest boobs self portrait

Check out the members area and watch all the giant breasts action in high quality

Beshine and her titanic boobs getting a facial

hey everyone, how are you ? just wanted to let you know, that i have posted a new titanic boobs snapshot gallery for the members of my website! these are very candid photos of me in a private situations. i was at the beautician and had a facial.. wow, that was so relaxing 🙂 i really should do this more often. this is a one preview photo for you:

beshine and her titanic boobs getting a facial

happy thursday sweeties!!! have a great day.. yours Beshine, xo

Vintage movie of Beshine and how her breasts looked years ago

hey guys!! hope you are doing fine. many of my fans asked for some older content of me, because they would like to see the difference between my actual giant sized boobs and how my breasts looked some years ago.

i have found a very candid video, which was shoot about 3 years ago or so.. it’s me with my sweet dog outside in the woods for an autumn walk. as you can see when watching actual content of me in comparison to this old, my tits have grown alot over the last years! i’m so much bigger now, but as you know.. i’m always getting used to the size really fast 😉

this sunday morning i met some good friends and we had an amazing brunch and of course alot of fun. some food felt into my cleavage and i had so much garlic bread, no one wanted to hug me LOL ok sweeties, thats it for now. i hope you have an relaxing sunday and a great start into the week!! xoxo, Beshine

Beshine got a new custom made bra for her worlds biggest boobs

hey sweeties.. the day didn’t start good for me because i was in town just to shop for some new clothes. and it was really frustrating this time because i couldn’t find anything.. tried on so many tops etc. but my boobs are simply too big. for the stores salesman it was really interesting, because they have never seen or touched tits that big. but i was mad, because i had to left the stores with empty bags 🙁

the last days had been busy for me so i am very happy to be back at home for a while.. and it is even greater that there’s a package waiting for me.. first i didn’t know what that could be.. but then i remembered, a while ago i ordered a new bra and voila 🙂 here it is !!!

Beshine has the worlds biggest boobs and has to wear custom made bras because of her unbelievable mega boobs

it’s friday.. what have you planned for tonight ? i will start my webcam show this weekend at !! hope i can meet some of you!

okay sweeties.. have an awesome friday night !! take care, talk soon Beshine