The largest surgical enhanced breasts

hey everyone ! spring has arrived which means its getting warm outside and warm weather is perfect perfect for tops. tight tops ! ok, winter clothes are extreme tight too but i love getting up in the morning and the birds are singing outside, the first warming sunbeams on my boobage.. even my boobs are sometimes too big to handle because of all the sheer weight and how they stick out of my upper body. yes they control my movement which means when they start moving the rest of my body has to follow ! but thats an amazing feeling for sure  😃😀😁


and because of that my new image gallery is named boobs too big to handle where you see me and the most extreme expanded breasts in the world visiting a little town in the north and enjoying the sunny weather. i had a lot of fun there. i love the danish ice cream and their hot dogs with the red sausage are famous and super yummy 🌭😛

i also spent some time playing horizon: dawn zero. wow, this game is absolute amazing. great story, amazing graphics, cool atmosphere and yes, aloy rocks but since its an open world game i will need to spend more time on it.. finished about 25% of the game actually. 


i also posted a new 4K UHD and FULL HD video to my website and since my motivation for getting a bigger and larger boobage is unstoppable the movie is called the largest surgical enhanced breasts. yes, the boobie greed monster is driving me wild even after all those years of expanding, growing and enhancing my boobies. 

but of course that will not make it easier this year for me to find some cool spring and summer outfits even i mostly let the tops etc. already change by a tailor.. maybe its time to get everything tailer made now


talk soon, largest boobie hugs from Beshine 😎🙃😜

Beshine has reached unprecedented levels of breast size

hi everyone 💋 i have uploaded 2 brand new sets for all the subscribers of my exclusive website. the first one is a photo gallery which comes with 110 photos. the picture gallery is called Beshine hast reached unprecendented levels of breast size and my fans know what this means when looking at these pictures ! grow and grow and just go bigger all the time is the motto 😉

i love nature so much so i had a great time shooting this content. but have a look at the preview images. i hope you like, too !


and with the new photos there also comes a new 4K ultra high definition video in brilliant and amazing quality. the clip is called massive mammaries and a silicone implants enhanced booty 🍒😄

i love to create new content with all my high end equipment and give my fans the best possible quality in the market. so i really recommend everyone who has a 4K tv at home just download the 4k video files from the members area and watch them on your uhd tv. the quality is really outstanding !

anyway, the Full HD and HD versions of this movie which of course are also avaible for download are downscaled from the ultra high definition content and of course they have a simply amazing quality too ! 😃


thats it for now. i hope you are having a lot of fun watching the new content.. wishing you a giant titted weekend, biggest boobs hugs, Beshine 😘

8th and 9th wonders of the world

hi sweeties, hope you’re all doing fine. its still winter which sucks because i don’t really like the cold season. so i’m really looking forward for spring time. but cold days are great for netflix and video games and since you know i love spending time with my ps4 pro i finished some of the games i startet some time ago. i also love playing online and multiplayer but there are so many amazing players with such great skills… i simply don’t have the time to practice more often and step up my gaming skills. but its always so much fun 😄


on netflix i have watched a series of unfortunate events which was really great. a little bit crazy but cool. and yes, sometimes i like the crazy and different things. same with boob sizes, which i like crazy big.. everything else is boring 😎

there is also great new content on my website. i released a 4k ultra high definition video which is called 8th and 9th wonders of the world because i got feedback over the years from fans and other models with big enhanced boobs or women who want or dream to go bigger and that they think i’m a pioneer when it comes to non stop growing breasts. so yes, the title fits. i love giant boobs and the more girls have them the better. and being inspiring and a role model for others when it comes to boob size etc.. wow, i feel honored hearing that ! 

and as i told you before, life is to short to be flat chested ! 😎😄💋


you also should check out the new massive mammaries image gallery named Beshine and her ginormous mega melons. yes, i truly love the massiveness of my monumental planets. it’s so much fun having a super enormous bust because and for example how the size and weight affects my daily routines and everything else.. even my fake breast stick out so much that its sometimes a little bit tricky on a daily basis and i never get used to the sizes because of always going bigger, but hey i’m living the breast expansion dream in real life and thats what its all about !

so sweeties, have a great one and i’m whishing you an amazing upcoming week ! lots of love and many gigantic boobage hugs, Beshine 👸🏼🌎🌍💋

Biggest surgical enhanced breasts & an enormous rack on a beach

hi everyone, hope you had the chance to spent some quality time with your beloved ones at xmas season and that you also had an amazing start to the new year. In private and business, 2016 was a very successful year for me and i’m sure 2017 will be even greater. i’m whishing all my friends, members, fans, and supporters all the best for 2017 ! you are amazing 😘

so let’s start the new year with some cool stuff for you. here are two samples from the latest content releases. the first photo is from the set called biggest surgical enhanced breasts. the image gallery comes with 97 pictures 


the second photo is from the video named an enormous rack on the beach. the video comes in brilliant 4K UHD because i want to give my fans the best quality. so this is a screenshot from that clip 


please notice that all pictures and screenshots i post here on my blog are dramatically reduced in size and quality for a faster site loading especially for all the mobile visitors. as an exclusive member of my website of course you will get all images non reduced and in full resolution !

and an interesting information for all my blog readers and subscribers, last week i have changed the design of my blog. hope you all like it ! i think its beautiful and also very mobile user friendly now. 

ok, talk soon sweeties and lots of biggest boobie hugs from Beshine 😃

Halloween, immense boob weight and boobie greed monster

hi everyone, hope you all doing fine. there is a new photo set on my website. it’s called Non Stop Boob Expansion and it includes 81 images of me and my giant boobies.


summer is over and autumn has arrived which means shopping for larger and bigger pullovers and jackets. same procedure as every year so nothing new to me but the bigger my boobs get the almost more impossible it is to find some pieces ! but i have already found a few new tops but thanks to the boobie greed monster i need a complete new wardrobe. and yes, often you can see the fear in the shop owners faces when i enter their stores 😄

currently i’m busy doing some preparations for halloween because this year i want to do a big party. the only thing i’m not sure at the moment is which costume to put on. so if you have any ideas please let me know 😉


there were also some great new titles for the ps4 released this month and also last month and i’m especially happy about the new tomb raider. played the game for 5-6 hours and it’s really cool. the only thing i have noticed that when playing video games with the current size of my boobs after a short time my legs start going to sleep because of the immense boob weight ! LOL anyway, maybe a lara croft outfit for halloween would do it ?

have a great weekend and lots of biggest boobs hugs, Beshine 💋