Beshine and her gigantic tits selfies

hi everyone ! this week i was shopping for some new outfits. as you know i’m always having a hard time because in the shops i mostly never find anything that fits because of my massive enhanced breasts. i hope one day there will show up a designer with cool clothes for mega busty woman 🙂


maybe this will be one of the last times that i can do selfies in the changing room, because after one of the upcoming fill ups it maybe will never be possible again for me to buy a top or sweatshirt in a regular store 🙂


i already had several store owners who wanted money from me for the tops i tried on even if i didn’t wanted to buy them. they told me after i tried them on they were baggy and worn out. what will they say after one of the next growth spurts ? mmhh… LOOOL

ok sweeties, that’s it for now. hope you like the new selfies gallery i have posted to the members area of my website !

today was hot outside that i’m having a cold shower now. love the summer time and that i do not need a towel to dry boobie and doobie because the breeze of warm air is drying my boobies. of course after that i will put on my skin preparing & relaxing lotion 😉

have a great day ! XOXO Beshine !